The Voice Kids is back on Friday, september 4.

4d05f9f580e7fe9a6ea2aa3dfcc14662 - The Voice Kids is back on Friday, september 4.

At the end of march, knew the 16’s talents have a place in the semi-finals of ” The Voice Kids-to-side. The coronacrisis suggested their patience is longer than that provided for in the trial, but as of Friday, september 4. they finally get to the fireworks are on the big stage. Along with their coaches, Laura Tesoro, Sean Dhondt, Gers, Pardoel, and K3, the semi-finalists of the act-in into them, and hopefully one of the 8 spots in the final round of ‘The Voice Kids’ presents. All 16 of them one by one two years ago.

No less than 1.095.000, viewers are able to at the end of march, their minds to oppose it to the final knockouts on The Voice Kids. The slotaflevering got a share of 35.2% (VVA 18-54, with a live+delayed). In the semi-finals of brands, the number of viewers a few minor changes to the coronamaatregelen. For example, the women of the K3 is no longer together, and their big swivel chair. In turn, one of them a seat in the swivel chair in order to make their collective choice to make it known. As a result of their performance, getting the kids to be in the company of their families, which will take the place of the coaches to get ready for a dance of joy or a comforting hug. For the moment, had a distinct advantage for the candidate. “I think the candidates are very much trained, as they didn’t have anything else to do,” laughs Laura Tesoro. “They have all thrown in their place in the semi-finals, and if that is sure to pay off.”

The Coaches, Laura, Sean, Investors, and Klaasje, short history, and Hanne will bring the atmosphere in the semi-final, immediately, with a cracker of an opening song: Never Growing Up-from Mathieu Koss & Aloe Blacc. Subsequently, to give the 4 top-flight talent out of any team to be the best of themselves in the hope that one of the 2 spots in the grand finale on Friday the 11th of september to get hold of.

These songs are singing, the kids are the stars of the heaven, in the semi-final round:
One – to 14 – Linter – sing: Fades Away ” by Avicii
Nabil – 13, Antwerp, sings: Hate On Me by Jill Scott
As a – 13 – Zutendaal – sing: But from Demi Lovato
Veronika – 13 – Kessel-Lo sings: the 7 Rings of Ariana Grande