Huizenjagers find a petting zoo

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Estate agents, Alexander, Roxanne, and Peter pull up a week, from Monday 17th August to Friday 20 August, with the mobile home to the Flemish Ardennes, a beautiful, hilly area is located at the bottom of East-Flanders, belgium. There, they have to find a special holiday home. The couple, Ellen and Ewout would like to be a children’s play area as well as a B&B that is open. The feeling must be absolutely present, and there should be sufficient space for their ‘pets’ out of them thank you …

Who are the agents?
Alexander – This sturdy traveller, with tattoos and a guitar in hand, he made a couple of months ago, the take of a manager of a fitness facility at the property. If he does, then he’s totally for it. However, he is still only 33 years old, but has the life experience of a man from the 80’s.

Roxanne, The ravishing Roxanne has a heart for all the houses of the Flemish Ardennes. She worked for two years as an architect. However, since the social relationships, what was missing, she had to make the transition into the real estate market. Due to her architectural background, she has an eye for properties with a minimum of intervention is marketed to do.

Peter, And and then there is the extremely driven, ‘mr ambitious’ Peter. He started out as a teacher of Physical Education and sports in the education system , it was a successful tankstationmanager and is now a director of several Century 21 offices. He is ambitious and likes a challenge, that’s for sure.

Episode 1 (Monday, August 17,
Anne, and the Date to keep out of their own zone. For this reason, they are now a family home for themselves and their foreign friends, to be able to enjoy it. At the moment, they have a lot of work in their own homes, so they are looking for something that is ready to move in to. And, preferably, to a max of 30 min. from Kluisbergen. Budget: 285.000€.