Been Consistent every day for Nostalgia

a495ebbeaa7c8e9ea47b6c72c8b0ac90 - Been Consistent every day for Nostalgia

The namiddagblok between 16h and 19h with Nostalgia, that is, from Monday the 17th of August and was presented by Late in the Turkey. Spitser than ever before, it is just 40 and in 2020, it celebrates the Late age of 25 years as a radio DJ.

Bjorn Verhoeven: “The mission of the modern is to get you through the day, to assist, at the very least, a huge smile on your face. That “feel good” feeling is what I stand for. I want you to do after a hard day’s work, all the stress you can let go and it can’t be helped, I like to meekwelen, of course, the music that you all like to hear it.