Bart Vermeer’s death

f966979fb90451c626002465a4475fdf - Bart Vermeer's death

We all know Bart Vermeer, all of the time that we have with the world of Showbiz-Site work. Bart the painter, his real name was Erik Lemmens, in Arrives with a reputation. As the founder of the Radio-Del-Sol, he had a lot of respect in Ninove. For many years, took Bart in to the Flemish artists, in the era of 10 to look, we saw him regularly, behind-the-scenes of the music program. In the picture in this post is Bart, by the way, Paul Severs, and Will Tura, one of the photos that they were taken from a programme on VTM.

Bart was on the night of Friday to Saturday in the home of the deceased, he would be out later this year, is 70 years old, and was in all sorts of ways. So it was Bart, for many years, the traditional christmas show, Paul Severs, in the Plomblom to Arrives. Bart was proud of it. The death of Paul last year and it was a heavy blow for him.