Arnout Hauben, again, in the mourning

6f429735da30c6e6ebdfcc3b470024f2 - Arnout Hauben, again, in the mourning

After Arnout Hauben less than three weeks ago and had to leave to take on former champion Joe Arents, it will give the producer a blow to the process. The final fire of the Second world War broke out, his program is no more. “Colin Brown was the last to fire, who was able to bear witness to the terrible fighting in and around Geel, during the Second world War,” he writes Arnout Hauben on Instagram.

“Colin was a young Canadian officer, was only twenty years old when he volunteered for service with the British army. What’s wrong with a young dude on the other side of the world, and to live at risk? “I’ve never been to a German meet, I’d see no reason to be angry at these men, even though I didn’t regret it. We did it mainly to get people their freedom back” said Arnout Hauben.