An interior designer is Blind Bought All of the five-in-a-row

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Last week it became known that Kobe Ilsen in the new season of ‘Blind Bought’ FOUR will be presented. He replaces Dina Tersago, which is exclusive to the VTM to pick up in the new televisieseizoen. Those of you who are still with the party, in a popular, FOUR-program, Bart Appeltans, the interior designer with the golden fingers, and ideas from Herk-de-Stad. But so far, we haven’t. The first was Bart, for a further 5 days, the guest of Gunter Reniers ‘All five-in-a-row!’

Reniers : “All of the five-in-a-row !” is a talksoap. Every day I get to be an interesting Haspengouwer, and if I want to talk to him or her about his or her work and life, and, on the basis of the five senses. We’re taking the show in my own Theater, The Roxy, located in St-Truiden, belgium, in the heart of the Haspengouw region.

For the sake of the corona was for the theatre, forced to close their doors on the 13th of march. The job of The Knight was his last show with us playing as a guest. All of the other shows in June and we had to cancel the order. I just don’t like to be silent and thought of a few ideas. Among the stream of our theaterarchief it on YouTube. I set up a private Youtubekanaal, and I was immediately in a lot of subscribers in it (laughs). Because I’m naturally quite a nosy, it seemed to be a talk show is a natural next step. The people of the just had the same idea. We found each other through the internet, and All of the five-in-a-row ! ” was born. I have contacted a few of the interesting Haspengouwers, such as Simon Mignolet, Christel Vanschoonwinkel, Wim Swerts and Luc Appermont (e.a. We all had a lot of time (laughs), and I don’t want that, according to the coronaregels, of course, is free to work with. The online talksoap has been an unexpected success. Frequently, we get more than 50,000 viewers!! Thank you also to our local media partners”