This should be introduced at the Radio 2 summer Hit, expect

This should be introduced at the Radio 2 summer Hit, expect

Sunday night, it finally happened: the Radio 2 summer Hit of 2020!

Here are five reasons to go to this special edition of the Hit to have a look at
1. No less a person than john Smith, and Siska Schoeters present this year’s live show will be broadcast on One. Along with the work of artists, and the audience at home will be a great summer celebration is concerned.

2. Thousands of people on the seafront of Blankenberge, belgium, this year, due to the coronacrisis, but Radio 2 and the One, to make sure that the celebration is a memorable event. It’s also the first time working with a digital, live audience, with the enthusiastic Hit of the fans to actively take part in the show, and their favorite stories about the Hit, and the three parts of the general public.

3. The audience at home will enjoy the performances of the ten nominees, and there will be three special artists to visit. Bart Kaëll Raymond van het Groenewoud put together a unique cover of one of Raymond’s hit single “Cha Cha Cha” from 1981. That will cover part of The Year, and Raymond, with a Radio 2 artist of a year-long birthday for his 70th birthday. And it is none other than The Kreuners act as the special act, with their all-time favorite, “I want you”, is exactly that-thirty years after they themselves are on the Radio 2 summer Hit won the match with that number. How is that action going to look like, you’ll find on Sunday!