Mediaoverzicht Spanish media, the Barcelona’s, Bayern ‘zur Perfektion’

44d8f5843aa564e457534198a47175e2 - Mediaoverzicht Spanish media, the Barcelona's, Bayern 'zur Perfektion'

Mediaoverzicht Spanish media, the Barcelona’s, Bayern ‘zur Perfektion’

August 15, 2020 at 10:39
15-08-20 10:39 am
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The Spanish media have been hard at it in their assessment of the FC Barcelona, following the historic 8-2 defeat at Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. The German journaille is exactly in a celebratory mood after the gala performance of “Der Rekordmeister”, which is the impressive chain of victories continues.

“The mother of all disasters,” says El Mundo Deportivo , the failure of the Catalans. “As inexcusable as Barcelona, was so inexcusable was to Play in the total demolition of the opponent. On August 14, is the darkest day in the Catalan club history.”

The paper further writes that the shocking defeat and the end of an era for the sun”, in which the selection of a facelift, but you will have to get it. “With the current player base shouldn’t be protected,” according to El Mundo, is that all of the players at Bayern with a heavy-duty, insufficient care.