Hanny-D is associated with the new atmosphere single

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With her new single, ‘Where are my hands ” continues to Hanny-D is faithful to its well-known atmosphere-in style. As soon as the first notes of the song, we had it for a cover, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.We will be able to Hanny-D are wrong, because the game’s scores, they have been a whole slew of successful singles, which they usually are well-known oldies and reworked it into a modern singalong songs, which will also be on the performances of a lot of great success with the public that time and time again, guaranteed the ball will go.

Unfortunately, there are currently an obstacle to the solar corona-measures, of which the general public is not allowed to dance, or the ball may go. On the other hand, it is striking to see how happy ambiancenummers the people are happy and their concerns are just to the side of it all.

“Joy is what people are more than ever needed,” said Hanny-D. be, With, this, new single, remix, she, an old hit by Yves Segers. ‘Where are my hands’, was published by D & Q and will be available through the usual portals.