Ali B: “Money is nice to have, but it’s not enough

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Ali B: “Money is nice to have, but it’s not enough

August 15, 2020 08:07 am
15-08-20 08:07 am
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Ali-B is the next rapper, comedian, and entrepreneur today, it is also zelfhulpgoeroe, and helping people to make the best of their abilities. In the interview with the Dutch Volkskrant Magazine, he said that it was a dream to help others because he realizes that he is really happy.

“It gives me the same emotion as the first time I experienced that euphoric feeling that I no longer had it. Money is nice to have, but it’s not enough, you are going to be emotional, not to save it. To inspire and help people,” said the 38-year-old Ali Bouali.

With the platform, ikwilgroeien , the tradition is to help people to achieve what they want to do, as he did with his own success, also a pair of self-development. The realization that he wanted to do was go on vacation in France, and when he figured out that he was now a part of the money from the gigs and other work, and wanted to put it in, it will help to eliminate poverty from the world.