Westrijden the Pro League, then at Telenet

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For Eleven Sports, and Telenet, have reached an agreement over the broadcasting rights for the new Series of Pro League channel. This means that in-Play Sports customers and to the Belgian football competition, as of Friday, the 14th of August, and may continue to be viewed through the same package.

For Eleven Sports, and Telenet, to let Friday know that they have reached agreement on the broadcasting rights of the Jupiler Pro League for the upcoming season. Through this agreement, Telenet will be doing some Sports-ticket holders to reassure them, once again, the match of the Belgian league would be awake to Play Sports. Telenet customers are able to enjoy it on the Family channel, is to be found in the location of the current Play, Sports, 6, 7, and 8-channel. The live soccer matches of the Jupiler Pro League, but the match-1B, the super cup, in the Women’s Super League as well as the e-Pro League to be broadcast live.

Guillaume Collard, Managing Director of Eleven Sports of Belgium and Luxembourg and the Head of A Family Sports Group, “The Belgian football to make it accessible to as many fans as possible, from day one, our goal has been. In that context, the partnership with Telenet, is very important. We are very happy that we have the agreement to be able to come.”