The Radio 2 of a Sunday, very early in the spell of a summer Hit

591c55f8c1ad40d142abaa89a2560da8 - The Radio 2 of a Sunday, very early in the spell of a summer Hit

Sunday night, the Radio 2 summer Hit re-issued. It is the Player Destadsbader, that is, for the fourth time in a row, with the trophy at the get go? Perhaps The Starlings, when the musical world was the prize again?” Or is it someone else? In the winter, it would certainly be disappointed if he can’t make it, “he said this week, in The summer of’ on tv. Because in the winter feat. Jake and Reese & O, with “Come a little closer”, the Flanders Ultratop 50, is more than 20 weeks were dominated by this trio and perhaps my favorite.

The atmosphere and the excitement of discovery can be this year, doesn’t have to be done on-site because of the coronamaatregelen. Radio 2 is Sunday afternoon, early on, and will start at 13 o’clock, the radio transmission from the has to offer. David Van Ooteghem, and Damien Masset to be used as the reporters in the field. They will want to follow the goings-on behind the scenes, in the wake of the tv crew, performers, and business professionals. In this way, it ensures that there is something of the celebration is to be missed.