The good news for the fans of the “home away from Home’

87f2041de425e62ef0c61744ac800275 - The good news for the fans of the "home away from Home'

At Home they’re all ready to get back in the house. In fact, they are all around a very long time to return to the rotation on the set of “home away from Home’ in Leuven, it is only until the 31st of August, to wait to be “Home” again on tv. Have a great two weeks, and it has been so far.
On Wednesday Radio 2 on the set. This was Hans-Rays for the big boss of the ‘at Home’, a word of explanation about what the pictures have expired. “We’ve been filming since the beginning of the month of June. In the end, however, I have managed to do all this coronaproof to do so. In may we had a great first day with a test recording, and after a few weeks of silence, and we’re going to look at how we are “at Home” on a coronaveilige way for both the cast and the staff behind the scenes.”

“All of the staff members, as well as our cast, and have all the time of surgical masks on. Apart from when you’re in the shot, then go for it. You can’t expression to see those surgical masks. Therefore, we have our actors in the “Home” is not”, says Hans-Rays.