Pregnant, Linde Merckpoel, hard dealt with on the social media

d2394c02b18cef12ea4af5a98717e4c0 - Pregnant, Linde Merckpoel, hard dealt with on the social media

Former radio station Studio Brussel-host Linde Merckpoel last Thursday, an emotional message on Instagram posted it. Did a Linden tree, once they have a grasp of responses to an interview in The Standard was developed. As a rule, Linden is rather a quiet person, but for now, she shares her emotions with her followers.
“Hey! I’m usually not much of a mega-dealer, and a lot of private things that I keep private. But this week, there was an interview with The Standard to which I am as honest as possible, tell the story of how me and my 5 month pregnant body. Not always so great. There was a lot of response to that article.”

Linde Merckpoel, is five months pregnant, and has a nice full belly, but with a hole in the air and jumps to it (for the moment) does not work. Normally, that would be a mum in the making on a cloud, alive, that is not the case at all. Linde has made a full confession in the newspaper.
“Yes, the baby was planned, and, of course, require Matt, and I have to go to that child, but at the moment it is dominated by the feeling that I, especially, has much to give. “Don’t you get a lot in return,” ensures that everyone receives, but I really have no idea. It may sound bad, but I am really in sorrow about what I am potentially all of them will have to give up. I’m particularly a carrier, in fact. To a flask. When I look in the mirror, do I make myself do it.”

Linden is also someone who, in normal times, often on the scale is, perhaps, a little too often, in fact. “I try to do, since I’m otherwise pretty quickly obsessive about projects I’m working on, and I was really unhappy and out of it. And now, I really think you need to let go of it, and I know that, and yet, you can be sure that I can during my stay of four pounds ben joined the club in two weeks ‘ time?”

“I feel ashamed of myself a little bit, for that I am so much worried, but actually, I think that it’s really not fun to see that my body is not me, but that’s a small parasietje in it,” laughs Linden in The Standard. “Since recently moving to the new baby. There are mutti’s that for a magic moment, but to me it was superscary – just like a scene out of ” The Gremlins.”

Linde is mentioned, and in its own way, nothing wrong with that, by the way. “Some people were angry. Call me a spoiled. How dare I be sad, and how I got it into my head to tell him that I was a bad feel about it, that crazy body, and crazy life that I am no longer under the control seems to have been something for me to grow?”, she wrote on Instagram. “Totally disrespectful of the pain of the people, who, after a lot of attempts to not get pregnant can be. Self-righteous bitch. I would have been grateful for the amazing miracle that happens to others,” adds the Linde continues.