Pedro Elias with a new show at the FOUR

59b14d30859df0b35bb4d080d9a9758d - Pedro Elias with a new show at the FOUR

Following on from the success of The Container, the Cup makes a Pedro Then this fall, a second, and a brand new family programme for the THREE to Raise, You Do So in a unique and humorous show, filled with entertainment, in which Pedro de Fleming a guide through the jungle that is education, as it is called. Therefore, Pedro is in the studio every week for two children between the ages of 6 and 9 years of age and give them the opportunity to do something that they can have access to their own birth, could not have their own well-known parents ‘ choice. A period of 45 minutes to get to the BY-the parents, the guardianship and custody of the child and the vehicle as a new compound family, in a quest to find the perfect upbringing.

An educational dilemma for once and for all, resolved, stories, and photographs from the childhood of the companies to be raked up, and everyone will come to know how children in other places in the world are raised to be. It is also the company’s to the best of my ability with the children in the themes of of drugs, in the do-it-zelfwinkel, or what a romantic evening entails. And, finally, how children learn is an essential skill in any education, how to manage it. In other words, the children in the shoot are prepared for adult life.

Pedro Elias: “There may be children involved, to Educate to Do this You will be in no way a children’s program will be. See, it’s more of a humorous show for adults, which happen to be two of the children out walking with.”