Music suggestions for the weekend, (part of 20)

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Every Friday, we provide you with quite a few musical tips for the weekend to come. At this time, we have new music from, among others, The Rolling Stones, Moses Sumney, and Beck.

The Rolling Stones ‘and The’ War on Drugs’

On the 4th of september will receive a deluxe reissue of the album, Goats Head Soup by The Rolling Stones. Then will have 10 new songs to be heard. One of them is called Scarlet, was written and recorded with Jimmy Page. As a nice little extra to have the stage in The ‘War on Drugs’ is asked for the number to the mix.

This latter band has been busy writing new music, and found it to be a request by The Rolling Stones is a great honor. In the creation of their own version, they are just as Jagger, Richards, Page, into, the studio and the staff. The basis for the remix the beat is made on the LinnDrum and make a new bass line by Dave Hartley. Because of this, the sound of the song, from 1974, it is suddenly fresh again, and all of the time.

Moses Sumney

It’s no secret that we’re a big fan of the Tiny Desk Concert from the American public broadcaster, NPR. This week, they had two great sessions on offer. Due to the global pandemic, the musicians are no longer a guest in the studio, but at home they are shot.

Moses Sumney does it old school, with a picture taken directly from a VHS tape, it seems to be coming to, but it is, of course, the music is what it’s all about. And that is the essence of beauty. Sumney brings a lot of emotion into his music and his lyrics. You can hear 3 tracks from his latest album græ: Bless Me, in Me, in 20 Years, and Polly is in order, then, to conclude with the Rank-and-File of Black and Deep Red, the 2014 EP from the end of 2018.

Flatbush Zombies

Rap group Flatbush Zombies takes it is entirely different when it is in the session for NPR. Accompanied by a band and backing singers they laid back versions that will hear the songs when i’m gone, the Palm Trees and the Afterlife.


For those who are working in the office, so much mist, there is a video of the trio of Bronson. This is from the Australian producer Golden Features, and it is the American duo Odesza. Since last week, they have a joint album will be released on the label Ninja Tune. One of the songs on that album, Keep Moving.

This track is from the Swedish agency StyleWar, in co-operation with production company Smuggler, a video made up of stock images of the typical images of the American officers. The result is a delicious absurdity.


Dr. Beck has a special arrangement with the us is set up. On the Basis of last year’s album of Hyperspace. It has been re-released on cd with a number of the songs are slightly edited. Each song has a video, which you can download images of NASA to see that are edited with the help of artificial intelligence.

It is a project of Hyperspace: the A. I. of Exploration has its own web site, where you can immerse yourself in an exciting mix of music, picture, science, etc.

Lou Reed & John Mellencamp

The quality of the image and the sound in the video is not of the best quality, but the content is. In 1987, John Mellencamp is a huge star in the US, and he was about to perform at the festival and Farm Aid. In order to rehearse for the show at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska, he had a gig in a small club in Bloomington, Indiana.

The band has been announced as Ragin’ Texans were only about 100 people showed up. And when they saw, to their surprise, John Mellencamp and his band on the stage. After a quarter of an hour, they suddenly, Lou Reed, and John Prine to. Together, they play the classics Walk On The Wild Side, Sweet Jane, Rock ‘ n ‘Roll’ and ‘ I Love You, Suzanne. Unfortunately, John Prine out of the view of the operator.

New album releases

A. G. Cook

After a large number of individual tracks is a full album by A. G. Cook. Or, rather, 7 of the albums. Who is A. G. Cook, do not know there is a lot to discover about him and the label PC Music that he’s been around since 2013 and is running. The most well-known work where you would be able to know about the collaboration with Charli XCX on her album.

The album, the 7G features a collection of more than 2.5 hours, the so-called hyperpop. Each album, which 7G is composed of a theme. Sometimes it sounds like he is as an EDM producer, then as an indierocker. There are covers that are very well done. If you can hear the songs of Blur, SIA, Smashing Pumpkins, Taylor Swift, The Strokes.

In total there are 49 numbers may be daunting, but many of the gems make this an album that is so much to learn. Please take the time to read or listen to every single album is different. You will see that the 7G will be in love with.

Kathleen Edwards

Canadian Kathleen Edwards took a few years off from the music business to be its own koffiezaak it will cost you. They were all ready to play and the pressure that she felt to be always something new to come out. After using it for 6 years, making a cup of coffee, they cherished the creativity, and she took it in her own pace, the new songs on it. The album, which they are called, therefore, to Total Freedom.

Ellen Fullman & Theresa Wong

Harbors, it is also the title of a collaboration between the composer, Ellen Fullman, and cellist Theresa Wong. A special aspect of the work of the Fullman is that they have a lot of writing for an instrument they can come up with in the 1980’s: the Long String Instrument, a string instrument with a long string.

Along with the most of the Year, there is droneachtige of music that the musical duo will transport you to a dreamlike world where time and space are out of the question to do. Music to close your eyes and listen.

Boldy James

The hyperproductieve Boldy James takes simply the third album of this year. The last two are one of the best rap albums of the year 2020, and so our interest in the number three position.

The Young Jesus

ON their fifth album, shows the Young Jesus as a good overview of a variety of styles and influences. Have to you have to others think of it. The one time it’s Sonic Youth, then back to Beirut, Bon Iver, or the Talking Heads. Is this a problem that others must have thought. In some cases, yes, but not now. This is an album to be very varied and interesting.


Officially, this is not an album but a mixtape. Ho99o9 brings a high-energy mix of punk, metal and hip-hop. Perfect for a nice hard run to get some energy to do it.