Klaasje coast’s very own friend of Max in the movie

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The recording process for the new Q3 movie is currently in full swing. Due to the corona should be given a different case to be addressed, but first and foremost, there is a solution to this. It would be so Klaasje is in the film, and her opponent is Soy a Crown to the cushion, but the corona can’t do that, because Soy is not up to her bubble, to hear. But the Studio 100 is looked for, and found, along with Klaasje is a perfect solution for you. “As for the actual kiss, I have a stand-in. That is my friend Max. I was so happy with it. Otherwise, I would be less comfortable and experienced. You see, we are back in the movie,” he laughs Klaasje Meijer’s in the newspaper Gazet Van Antwerpen.