Sara-actress, played the part of Leonardo DiCaprio

Sara-actress, played the part of Leonardo DiCaprio

Aza Declercq’s see, we are currently back on the small screen, thanks to the repetition of “Sarah” in which she is sexually insatiable fashion journalist, Brenda is playing.

“My dream is to actually have a career in Hollywood,” reveals the 49-year-old actress is at All. Once she was on the set with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Just before DiCaprio is completely broke, thanks to the Titanic was the actor on the set of ” Total Eclipe, where Aza Declercq made.

“The shooting took part in the Belgium. It was very early on in my career. If I was a little older, had been, I might have a drink go out for a drink with Leonardo. However, I was still very shy,” says the actress.

Aza Declercq was Leonardo DiCaprio announced a “really friendly guy”.