S Media and Telenet’s launch of Streamz

S Media and Telenet's launch of Streamz

It will take you to the Flemish media, Telenet and S Media began to take shape. The two companies spoke earlier this year with the intention to work together on a joint venture to set up a new local streamingplatform by local and international content with ease. The European Commission has today, on 12 August, for its approval. S Media and Telenet, are being prepared for launch to the public later this year. The name is, however, already been announced: Streamz. The new company, which bears the same name – that is, on september 1, 2020, it has been established, with Peter Vindevogel, as the company’s CEO. The chairman of the Board of Directors of the Streamz is Kris Vervaet.

Kris Vervaet, CEO of S-Media in Belgium: “The launching of Streamz, it will be a milestone in the Flemish media history in. We are very pleased with the approval of the European Commission. We are very much looking forward to this new one, the local streamingplatform to launch, along with a cable. Working together, we can make a difference, using the best local and international content. This is a huge boost for the local audience, as well as for the whole media landscape.”

John Porter, CEO Telenet: “Telenet, we are also very pleased that the European Commission gives the initiative the green light. Now We are able to along with S-Media, full-force to move forward to a new chapter in the local and international mediaverhaal. Streamz bring local stories to the world over, and international stories that Flanders is able to capture it. That is how we, the viewers have more choice than ever before, and our Flemish tv producers an additional platform to bring their creativity to the show.”

On Telenet, and S Media will be using Streamz to be able to respond to the ever-changing natural world, and is a local alternative on offer in the world of streaming services. In addition to the continued popularity of linear tv, people can now, on their tablet, PC, or smartphone to the television programs to watch whenever and wherever you want. This trend was already anticipated by the Flemish broadcasters and operators with the development of the videoplatformen and services such as back-screen TV, and TV apps.

That is dynamics of the offer is enhanced by the fact that consumers are becoming more and more of an ‘on-demand’ offer, and are willing to pay for it. With Streamz, there will soon be a local option.