Nostalgia, is launching ” The Early Ochtendshow of Flanders

Nostalgia, is launching " The Early Ochtendshow of Flanders

Monday the 17th of August to the start of the new radioseizoen with Nostalgia, and the channel has come up with an innovative solution. It’s an alarm clock every day at 5 o’clock, because then it will start, Herbert Bruynseels & sue Philips in The Early Ochtendshow of Flanders.

Between 5am and 9am making The, and Astrid, the listener wakes up, with a mix of classics, its own take on the news, and most of all a lot of fun. “The Earliest Ochtendshow of Flanders (to” let the listeners in with a smile and wake up and the way to work or school so much more enjoyable.

Herbert Bruynseels: “in The studio, inkruipen with that crazy team around me, and at the same time, the bed-plates must be secured against rotation, that gives you so much energy that I have in my ochtendloopjes perfect, you can skip it. It feels like every day is great to get together with a few colleagues, and it is the earliest listeners of the world to see, and hear, wake up.”

Astrid Philips: “At half past 4 in the morning, and that alarm is heard, it is so early that there was no room left for my bad mood. I agree that the studio is plunging, I know right away that it was totally worth it. There’s no doubt that ochtendradio the best job in the world.”