At home, the actor Pol Goossen out of those Reuzegom

58f4029009d3af802c22109b54c2f8aa - At home, the actor Pol Goossen out of those Reuzegom

It has been over the past few days and weeks, much has been written about the death of a student of Sanda. That was the life of a studentendoop. Horrible that that has happened, and that the animals were using to get people to ontgroenen. At home, the actor Pol Goossen, with his mind, not one of them. Pol Goossen is an animal lover, he prefers animals over people, and that it is not a secret.

On Facebook takes the actor out of the students, who are members of the Reuzegom. “I love the people, but not all of them. Animals, however, there is no exception,” writes the actor on Facebook. “Personally, I have respect for all life. In the first place, for a human, but also animals, big and small: a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a pig, little pig, a mouse, and the eels eat. You have to respect it and that worries me. Not for the sake of all of you. It makes me worry for the sake of humans and animals, which are, apparently, out of your deranged thought pattern there,” adds Pol Goossen continued.

“The nature of the environment. Ever heard snobby elite community? Ever on ‘nature and environment’ hear?” We should soon have (or may have already), mr. doktoor, or at the public notary or a parish, the attorney, or honorable in order to let you, who has a degree geteisem to say? In any case, I do not, never, ever, ever good,” says the actor. is on Facebook.

That is, the members of the Reuzegom (dead) animals have been used at the studentendoop, understand that Pol Goossen does not. The most horrific facts, we will publish it here, but it was a lot of, and for, the student in question is particularly disgusting. One of them had caught the life. “I am calling on the whole of Belgium in order to, in the case of a contact with a doctor, attorney at law-notary public-judge, ask them if they have recently connected with you, you hateful society Reuzegom. So, yes … ophoepelen, and that giant in the gum’s surface, with the conceited creature, I know that, with the money to be able to afford to” write-Pol Goossen.