This is the whole cast of F3-movie-Dance of the pharaohs’

This is the whole cast of F3-movie-Dance of the pharaohs'

Following on from the success of the first film, Hanne, short history, and Klaasje, given Q3, a new feature film: K 3 – Dance of the pharaohs. The shooting of this new movie are already in full swing. Due to some creative adjustments, all coronamaatregelen be taken into account. At the moment the crew are busy with the pictures in the Museum of Art and History in Brussels, belgium. K 3 – Dance of the pharaohs will appear at the end of this year and into the room. The original film, Q3, Love to Cruise, and could count on more than 300.000 people from Flanders and the Netherlands.

Hanne: “the images of the K3-Love the Cruise, we have very good memories, and it is truly a top-tier experience.”

Klaasje: “We couldn’t wait to get it. The promise of this time is very exciting, and a little bit mysterious, in fact. That is, it is so much fun to listen to.”

Short history: “With the making of this film, we once again have a very busy summer, but at the same time, it is also enjoyed, of course. For the sake of the corona are the images just a little different than usual, but we’re on the set of a corona, a manager at the keep an eye on it and ensure that the images are safe to expire.”

Currently, there are a few scenes from the film are included in the Museum of Art and History in Brussels, belgium. This museum is a hidden gem, nestled in the majestic parc du Cinquantenaire, next to the European district of the city. The museum, which is the largest in Belgium and is one of the largest in Europe, and is home to extensive and diverse collections that have been compared to the Louvre or the British Museum are sure to be able to endure it. This is all of the amazing architecture of the 19th-century buildings. An ideal location for the filming of the movie. In addition, there has also been made in the areas of quality accommodation and friendly service. This is one of the most beautiful and the most original limestone quarries.