Q3) and the Belgian Championship and ‘Egg throwing’ to ‘The Wheel’

0e108992d81c00f7c7f71fa25434ec97 - Q3) and the Belgian Championship and 'Egg throwing' to 'The Wheel'

The letterzetters are off to extraordinary, with three of ‘The Wheel’. Short history, Klaasje and Hanne K3 to be run on each puzzle, in turn, the letters are in order. The girls bring in an acapella version of the hit ‘in a Bikini full of sand, and we will come to know what exactly it is that one of them has the other two.

Moved Him, and She will try as much as possible for prizes to take home. The player from Belgium who is 29 years old and works as a teacher. This is young, he takes part in the Belgian championship, in ‘egg-throwing’. Cosgrove, a teacher, a LO of Erondegem. He is a 41 years old and is going to be huge in each and every game that they play. She works in a bank. They would come to South Africa. She is 30 years old and lives in St. Job in t Goor. Her motto in life is “you only regret the things you haven’t”

The Wheel, tonight at 21.20 hours on the LOT.