De Romeo’s & Jan Ham in The Summer Of

4fd40e244e3d1e0a98c3375f5599143f - De Romeo's & Jan Ham in The Summer Of

As of today, Jan Jambon, belgian minister president of the Flemish Government, and an insight into life in The Summer Of’ by Eric Goens. Jan Jambon has been talking about his upcoming marriage to An, and the flamingante behind all that he had in his younger years in jail. The attacks in Brussels, on the 22nd of march, 2016, and shall, Ham is still the question of whether they could have been avoided. “I may even wake up from it. That’s just me, so I will not be with each other. It has a too big impact on the community. If you do, you take responsibility, you need to also ask the question of whether we do the right things at the right time to have done it.”

In addition, Davy Gilles, Chris Van Tongelen, and A Levi, of The Romeo’s atmosphere from the top of the Festivalboot, that is, if A time has been.