VTM has launched the VTM 2, VTM3, and the VTM 4

VTM has launched the VTM 2, VTM3, and the VTM 4

As of Monday, August 31, 2020, it will transform the VTM of the familiezender to a family of channels. That is the day-namely, VTM 2, VTM 3, and the VTM 4. Where is the VTM for the family’s entertainment, turn on the VTM 2, spicy reality, both locally and internationally. The VTM 3 in a topfilm, supplemented by a series and sitcoms, and the VTM 4 and put it in to action, and classics. The new VTM transmitters to replace the current stations (Q2), Vitaya, and CAZ. The VTM is given as of the 31st of August, with a new baseline, which many are all too familiar to the ears, it will sound like this: VTM color of your day.

Dirk Lodewyckx, director-general of TELEVISION, Streaming and Radio, “With the VTM, we have today a very strong brand, with a feisty, creative, content, and a huge fanship in the region. We are extending the special connection that the VTM has to do with the Fleming and the creation of our familiezender a family of channels, with which we have to all audiences. This is an important milestone for the VTM’s. Since the start of the Ka2. in 1995, we determined our offer, in addition to the VTM and to differentiate with their own names and their own brands. That is, at the last minute. As of August 31, it is in the VTM, the VTM 2, VTM 3, and the VTM 4.”

The VTM-2 is a hot and spicy realityzender, with a number of local and international programs. Where VTM is rather a broad familiezender for the whole family, was VTM, a 2, a channel focusing on active adults.

The VTM 2 is the successor to certain people, and nothing is taboo, even though it is unique and different. VTM 2, it will be in the fall, but no less than three times a week, and local programs to make. A first glimpse of the VTM 2 programs such as the Flemish version and I am going Blind, got Married in Australia and have a permanent appointment with the uefa Champions League. More information on the new local programs are on the VTM 2 will be announced soon.

The VTM 3 is the filmzender in Flanders, and completed with a lot of pain series, and a sitcom. When the VTM is 3, viewers can use every day to be a movie, expect comedy and drama, to art, or sci-fi like Star Wars, Girl, and Deadpool, and supplemented by a series and a sitcom.