United expects to extend down to FC Copenhagen (closed)

014032112749a07f0074d96b79be38aa - United expects to extend down to FC Copenhagen (closed)

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United expects to extend down to FC Copenhagen (closed)

10 aug 2020 20:52
10-08-20 at 20:52
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Good evening and welcome to our liveblog on to the quarter-finals of the champions League. In this liveblog, we will keep you up to date with the developments in the first two quarter-finals of the second European tournament.

  • Results:
  • The United-Copenhagen 1-0
  • The Inter-Leverkusen 2-1

The United-Copenhagen · * * * a few hours ago

A opgeluchte United manager-Solskjaer will take the wishes of the players from FC Copenhagen.for a few seconds, and geledenUnited in Copenhagen · 12 minutes ago inthe Past!

United will win debilitation in Cologne! FC Copenhagen took a long chance, to be a very dangerous place, but thanks to a brilliant free kick from Fernandes is going to United, are through to the semi-finals.The United-Copenhagen · up to 14 minutes geleden120+1′ There will be one more minute. Still have one more chance before Copenhagen?The United-Copenhagen and · an 18-minute geleden116 With the last bit of energy and works in Copenhagen, there is a final assault of. Merchant will receive a shot at glory, but more than that, it’s not.The United-Copenhagen and · a 22-minute geleden111, ” The powers don’t seem to be weggevloeid of the players from FC Copenhagen. The team has been six times that changed, but it is still a battle-weary appearance. Though United are not even okselfris and more.The United-Copenhagen · 27 minutes ago

It is in debilitation in advance, so that the physical of the two teams don’t have to be work-shy.The 27-minute geledenUnited in Copenhagen-a 30-minute geleden106 ” The ball for the final time this evening, initiated by FC Copenhagen. The Danes have a quarter of an hour’s time, at least in a penalty shoot-out to enforce.The United-Copenhagen · the 32-minute geleden105+3′ Johnson has distinguished itself throughout the evening, with great saves and does so again during a deployment of the Agent. In the first part of the extension is done.The United-Copenhagen and · a 36-minute geleden104 ” The 2-0 is more in the air than in the 1-to-1. FC Copenhagen is very similar to the short pause in a moment.The United-Copenhagen · 38 minutes ago

Players from the United would like to congratulate Fernandes after the rake tonight. The Portuguese is once again a key role on the team, from Manchester, united kingdom.The United-Copenhagen · 41 minutes and geleden98, ” There was the 2-0 that should be. Martial, more great play by the defense, but to perform the action, just to be on for a long time. Eventually think he will get the ball to Mata, but who do not know, to score a goal.The 41-minute geledenUnited-Copenhagen-four hours ago,93′ a GOAL for United! 1-0

With a flawless free kick and brings it to Bruno Fernandes ‘ United in granting a competitive edge. Johnson has been absolutely pathetic.The United-Copenhagen-four hours ago,a 93′ Penalty to United!

Bjelland works of Martial, which is just a few seconds, a dot of a chance of missing the ground. The referee is pointing to the dot!The United-Copenhagen and one hour geleden90+2 ” is a nice feature for a Martial, but FC Copenhagen’s goalkeeper Johnson is in the mail.The United-Copenhagen and one from an hour ago

91 After a short pause, the length of the extension has begun. Establishes the United order, or the FC Copenhagen are a big publicity stunt?The United-Copenhagen and one hour geledenHet is to extend the in Cologne, as well as United and FC Copenhagen has not managed to score a goal.the one-hour geledenInter-Leverkusen-four hours ago, itwill be over!

It has been on and off for Peter Bosz and Daley Sinkgraven are in the Europa League. Inter draws and the 2-1-lead, crossing the finish line, and it is, therefore, to the semi-finals.The United-Copenhagen and one hour geleden90′ With a mere three minutes of stoppage time to play, we seem to be heading for a renewal.The Inter-Leverkusen-four hours ago,90+1′ but it’s not a penalty!

After a long wait, the final decision on the basis of the images of the VAR is once again recalled, this time for attacking a corner.The Inter-Leverkusen-four hours ago,89′ free Kick for Inter!

Eriksen is going to be the floor of the zestienmetergebied. The ball is on the spot.The Inter-Leverkusen-four hours geleden88, ” The minutes ticking away to Leaf and co. For Inter, it slows down the game, and have no intention to play football.the one-hour geledenInter-Leverkusen-four hours geleden81 Bayer Leverkusen and has about a quarter of an hour (including extra time) in order to have something to do with the deficit. If the men of the Leaf was still, and she was in the blade, for the Italians?The United-Copenhagen and one from an hour ago

The United manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer talks to his men’s bravery in the face during the last drinkpauze. This is necessary because of the “Mancunians” have it more difficult with the Danes.The Inter-Leverkusen-four hours geleden76 ” Victor Moses will be clear by Christian Eriksen, and you can get up to, but they won’t be against Lukas Hradecky on. It has been a big part of the champions league thanks to which, Inter have no other goal has been made.The United-Copenhagen and one hour geleden68, ” The chances of going back and forth. After you have a good chance for FC Copenhagen takes on Paul Pogba’s goal on behalf of the United fire. It is, however, still 0-0.The United-Copenhagen and one hour geleden63 ” United is turning the screws further on. Just recently, it was a goal Rashford disallowed for offside. Not too long after popping Could be the ball in the post.The Inter-Leverkusen-four hours geleden66, ” There will Inter have a great chance at 3-1, and this is certainly not the first one of the day. Its just down to Christian Eriksen to play in the also a down Alexís Sanchez, whose commitment is to be stopped.The Inter-Leverkusen-four hours geleden63′ for about half an hour to play football in Dusseldorf, where it would end up better for the day than in the first half. The team put pressure on, but it needs to continue to look for sharp counters from the web.The United-Copenhagen and · a 2-hour geleden46 Also in the United-Copenhagen and we started again.Inter would end up in · 2 hours geleden46′ get The ball rolling again. It comes in Leverkusen are still moving around, or doing the Inter job?Manchester to Copenhagen · 2 hours ago

Peace of mind!

As United dominated, but it still has not been able to score a goal. At least, that is not valid, since the goal of the hawthorn suites by wyndham Greenwood was just before half-time will be rejected.Inter would end up in · 2 hours ago

Peace of mind!

The overflow was initially to Bayer Leverkusen in full, but due to a goal by Kai Havertz is the team of Peter Bosz is still in the game. It is 2-1 for Inter.Manchester to Copenhagen · 2 hours ago –44′ GOAL disallowed for United!

Hawthorn suites by wyndham Greenwood is thinking right for the rest of the score, but to do that buitenspelpositie. The referee had to get the VAR for that position.Inter would end up in · 2 hours geleden43′ Daley Sinkgraven has been, and is, at the feet of an opponent. The Dutchman gets a yellow.Inter would end up in · 2 hours ago

The referee, Carlos Del Cerro Grande is looking back to the penaltymoment, with Daley Sinkgraven. The images of the roman see, that he is at the right end of the year. A few minutes later to cancel and he is the penalty kick.The United-Copenhagen and · a 2-hour geleden33 United have, as expected, in control and has been for a number of times, as close to the opening goal had been. Fernandes came closest when he struck with a header in the bar.Inter would end up in · 2 hours ago

The 2-0 from Romelu Lukaku in the picture. Lying down on the floor, he hit the ball into the goal, disappear.Inter would end up in · 2 hours ago –27′ no, No, no tonight! The referee shall review the decision on the basis of the images of the VAR. Accordingly, it is seen that the Daley Sinkgraven, there is little to do with the ball, his arm was touched. It remains 2-1.Inter would end up in · 2 hours ago –25′ free Kick for Inter!Inter would end up in · 2 hours ago –24′ GOAL would end up! 2-1

Bayer Leverkusen in the beginning, I can’t tell you, but it will come out of nowhere back in the game. Kai Havertz hurry up!Inter would end up in · 2 hours ago –21′ GOAL in The club! 2-0

Lukaku receives a pass from Young and then with the Belgians in a game of pushing and pulling to win Tapsoba (Leverkusen) and do not touch schietUnited-Athens · 3 hours geleden16, ” There is just one quarter of football, but for the ex-following his departure to chelsea Nicolai Boilesen is the game for all. The full FC Copenhagen will leave injured in the field.The Inter-Leverkusen · a 3-minute walkon 15-GOAL First! 1-0

Nicolò Barella puts the team in a subtle way on the edge. He puntert from the edge zestienmetergebied touch. The advantage is, it is common to call it that, because the Italians are starting to be significantly better than that of the elite of the Leaf.The United-Copenhagen · 3-minute walk fromthe 1′ Kick-off! Manchester United and FC Copenhagen on the road in Cologne, germany.Back to top

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