Host, Erik Van Looy, on Monday typesetter at ‘The Wheel’

b97ba33b0c02ffe87039a81829eb96b3 - Host, Erik Van Looy, on Monday typesetter at 'The Wheel'

For the first time in his career as the host of creeps, Erik Van Looy will be in a support role to play: on Monday, he turns to Peter Van de Veire and the candidates ‘ Girl, Rita, and Philip, the plates in The rack over. And, Erik, Van Looy, and reveals a secret out of the atmosphere. There is a solid shopping by the candidates, the surprise box is the one for you, and the car would now walk out the door?

Win or not, Rita (64, Ekeren) in a very assertive flapuit, with a high for Antwerp dialect is now in her element: an episode of The Wheel will play a role in the presence of her two favourite men, Peter and Eric, and her day has already been made. Rita is up against a Girl (30’s, Waasmunster, belgium), he’s working at a car wash, and is very skillful with a soccer ball. A girl hoping to get a set of nice prizes to get his own house in which to focus on. His sister, Inneke, we can see later in the week at the casino: they take part in the delivery, with the Region as a typesetter. Philip was 43, Mol) is the instructor’s job. He describes himself as “an all-or-nothing player that has a lot of risks to take”. Curious to know if that is him, good luck at the roulette Wheel.