James Cooke at Dorian, “I want to”

d20459b4261b6b8bc74618d0d2fd8df9 - James Cooke at Dorian, "I want to"

This month would be James Cooke, and the Hotel Liveyns tie the knot, but the party couldn’t go on. James and Dorian were to have their wedding with all the family members and friends to celebrate, however, with the current coronamaatregelen, that would unfortunately not be possible.

It normally would be Dorian and James, and their ‘ yes ‘ to give. “07/08/2020, “Yes, I will,” was normal, then out of our mouths,” he writes to James Cooke on Instagram. “But, hey, next year we have to hear,” laughs the host. Earlier it became known that the couple and their wedding almost a year later. Procrastination is not the setting knows of James Cooke. “Love wins everything, ALWAYS!!!”, responding to James in confidence on Instagram.