SBS Belgium launches new tv channel

a5d546cf1b2db1f8b7bccc8efdac61d7 - SBS Belgium launches new tv channel

A local Newspaper wrote on Friday that SBS Belgium is the next year when a second tv channel. The channels of Four -, Five -, and Six-to get there-Play-Seven, and to change also the name. The stations are able to get the prefix, ‘Play’, which is one of the products of the Provider.

The new Play, Seven would be able to respond to some of the other stations in the group are not and should therefore have a clear sight to enjoy. Or is the Play Seven of its own content, it will make it, it is not clear. The easiest way is to Play the Seven-to-fill with a (cheap) at the international content, but in this area, there is quite a wide range. And with the arrival of the Flemish, Netflix will have competition in the next few months and hopefully get a few serious wake-up call will be.