The Masked Singer resolves, “teaser” of the form: “Who am I, guess you’ll never -“

16aa2873a52496fbd7470c147f97d7a8 - The Masked Singer resolves, "teaser" of the form: "Who am I, guess you'll never -"

“Who I am, and that’s highly recommend you never do.” With these clear words, it is the final countdown to The Masked Singer has begun. The VTM did, today is a teaser image of the size of the world’s largest and most mysterious show of the year. In the international tv hit, that will soon be in the VTM, you can see Flanders in search of what the the celebrities, behind the masks, to hide. The Masked Singer’s cover of well-known faces from head-to-toe in dazzling costumes and, say, a singing monster, in a duel with a giant ‘bug’. In between performances to hide today behind the black masks and hoodies, with a clear message: “Don’t talk to me.” In looking at it in Flanders, and the well-known panel members, in order to find the answer to the million dollar question is: who is behind the mask? The thrilling quest to crack away from… for now.

The Masked Singer talks this fall at the VTM.