Well-known Flemish people from the next week at School.Flanders

b808486a6b147a34e66d87a6b4e20899 - Well-known Flemish people from the next week at School.Flanders

As of Monday, the 10th of August, all the students of the primary school a short, fun-filled lessons through the School.In flanders, an initiative of the University of,, Flanders, Johnny Quidé and Roel Bellinga. The classes will be taught by four enthusiastic teachers, who are assisted by educational experts and also quite a few well known faces pop up in the video. The programs of the School.Flanders is coming up on the 10th of August through to the VRT in the course of three weeks, to be in every living room via television broadcasting, on the One and online with the result.

School.In flanders, it offers one degree at a time in a range of educational activities on various topics, such as language, math, and science.
The project’s summer School.Flanders is supported by the Flemish minister of Education, Ben Weyts, Flemish minister for Brussels, belgium, Youth and Media Benjamin on It, and the VRT. This is a digital students want to be the initiators of the project, the public broadcasting service and members Weyts, and It additional support to offer education to children of the age who, due to the coronacrisis a number of quite has been damaged. This new school will not attempt to take the missed lessons will have to be replaced, but in particular to students in a fun way, in the best possible way to prepare for the next school year.