Michel Van den Brande, and Dennie Damaro bring the album out!

993b9eefcd9a1a61eba0d8e7a3b5a111 - Michel Van den Brande, and Dennie Damaro bring the album out!

Stellingbouwer Michel Van den Brande (59) of the town of Temse, and schlagerzanger Dennie Damaro (49), from Wuustwezel, belgium to bring once again a full-fledged ambiancesingle on the market. The sequel to their debut single, “I Bring No Flowers For You” from 2016 onwards, it is called ” 2 pints of Beer’. Dennie wrote the text and music and record producer-David Vervoort, best known for ‘Dos Cervezas’ van Waes, was once again in the production process.

Michel, who is in the media-p.a. well-known from the tv programme ‘The Sky’s The Limit”, this is his second experience of the Flemish showbiz as a singer. His colleague, Dennie Damaro is not the case, because Dennie is more than 30 years in the business, having scored several top 10 hits. Dennie is in addition to the singer, especially, song writer, artiestenpromotor, and it has its own cd label and a booking agency.

It was a mutual friend and journalist Pascal Van Nuffel, who both did 5 years ago in the other thread. Their first single, ” I Bring No Flowers For You’ were in 2016, and already has a national meezinghit there were 9 weeks in the Flemish Ultratop 50. The plan is to have a single on the record was, of course, stems from your success.