Four series of the “Justice 4 All”: a different view on the hearing

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The new docuserie “Justice 4 All” from the 3rd of August, in part to see a Play, and Play More, and later at FOUR years old. In the “Justice 4 All” is showing a seven strafpleiters how things are going on behind the scenes in this case. Extortion, rape, arms trafficking, and homicide: and for this series, is the order of the day as well.

Rechtsprogramma are now commonplace in the belgian televisielandschap. “Justice 4 All” is filmed as a end of the the Belgian judicial system, which is less well known is the staggering day to day life of the Flanders’ top lawyers. The seven giants of the lawyers defending would-be killers, take gangsterpraktijken into our own hands, and come into regular contact with a dangerous drug-dealing gangs.

In the second part, we will follow the master Pol Vandemeulenbroucke, the ‘enfant terrible’ by the Antwerp-based lawyers who have a client to assist in a criminal court of law. He was for many years threatened, and is being blackmailed, and has been convicted of attempted murder. Master of Mounir Souidi to visit a client in prison of Leuven, a very pornoproducent.

Episodes 1 through 4 of the ‘Justice 4 All’ is from the 3rd of August, in the Play, and Play More, watch it. The second part is enclosed in brackets. 5 to 8), starting from the 17th of August to see it in Telenet-Play & Play More.