AVROTROS is celebrating the 50 year anniversary Toppop

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Fifty years ago, to be more precise, on the 22nd of september 1970, which saw the Toppop the light of day. It’s music that quickly became popular among the general public, and where all the generations were growing up. The greatest of the artists flew in especially for the Netherlands, in order to be in the studio from Toppop in the future. All of this to mr. Toppop Ad Visser’s host, and the songs of the Penney’s Near. AVROTROS is on the radio, and the television is silent for the 50-year anniversary of this program and that is history in the making.

The very best of… 50 years of Toppop, the most eye-catching snippets of the rich, the Toppop archive of the past. Every week there were artists and performers from home and abroad may occur. A host of CELEBRITIES, such as Kelly Flowers, Glen Faria, Eric Black, Alan Clark, Annemieke Schollaardt, Samantha Steenwijk, as well as Erik van der Hoff (Roberto Jacketti) to tell of their memories and pick out their favorite song. Of course, Ad Angler, and Penney de Jager, also from the party in the chain of distinct, beautiful and unique songs. The Jacksons, Iggy Pop and, of course, Jerney Kaagman, are just some examples of the fly-by Toppop in history.

In the first episode, we announce an Ad Visser in the action of The Jackson in. The young Michael was in the Toppop studio, there’s almost too much space for so great dance moves. Penney de jager shows that the dance has not yet been forgotten, and at the back of her choreography to a song by Stevie Wonder. Also, the Dutch part of the song is missing, especially in the Toppop archive. We will look at the guests of a very young André Hazes, the 63-year-old girl Without a Name. And, we are told that there are more than 17 million copies of the Smurfenlied by Father Abraham, have been sold. In addition, it experienced the disco was designed to operate during the years of Toppop was sent out. In this first episode, there is a good coverage of the movement and get the hits of Donna Summer, the Village People, and George McCray is over. And, of course, Earth and Fire are not missing it with their mega-hit of the Weekend. Anyone who was at that time not to fall in love Jerney Kaagman in her iconic blue, shiny suit?

This year it’s 50 years since the very first episode of ” Toppop broadcast. Toppop was the legendary Dutch music, where every week artists from home and abroad came to perform. The Queen, Whitney Houston, David Bowie, Michael Jackson along with The Jacksons, Elton John, all of them will be made a guest appearance on Toppop. The Dutch artists were Toppop is also a must. Among other things, BZN, the Band, The charity, The band, Don, and Frank Sinatra and all of the family in the Toppop studio. Toppop was presented by Ad Visser, and it is 50 years after the first episode, he looks at “The story of 50-year-Toppop’, in collaboration with the creator of It. from the District director, Chris Berger, editor-in-chief Jessica Winkelman, set designers, Frans Schupp and charles the Great, as a dancer Penney de Jager, late show Léonie Sazias, and a variety of Dutch and international artists, this unique music player.