Unique mothers day concert via a live stream with a 6 musicaltoppers

Unique mothers day concert via a live stream with a 6 musicaltoppers

Last week, it announced that the vocational production of a second live stream concert and the launch of the first of four local artists. Today, announcing she had two more hits in the sequence to finish! No less a person than the Tinne Oltmans, Michael Meyer, Juan Gerlo, Elke Buyle, Charlotte Campion, and Laurenz Hoorelbeke, bring it on Saturday night, August 15 in a live-streamed concert, direct from the studio. The producer of BSO productions, will bring out this second edition after a successful launch last June 19th.

The six artists perform live, accompanied by a six-man band, and all of them are well spread out in the studio and in the live-mixed, so that the general public is the ideal concert-hall experience at home to get. The concert, by the way, is coming from all over the world to watch, and, can be postponed can be viewed, so that even visitors can enjoy. The artists celebrate their mothers, but it doesn’t stop there… They have honor, and even of the moms in the audience! If you prefer, you can pay homage to send, so that all of the mothers in a small town can get into the concert. The artists will send, even on request, is an invitation to all the mothers in the audience. During the concert, the audience, through a live chat, to interact with the artists. In short, a total experience for the public.

Promoter of Manu, from Jacobs: “this number keeps us out of the theater and concert halls. It is important for the whole sector to put up a fight to get one’s head above water, to keep the spirits up and to keep it. I hope this little drop of this, a hot plate, a tiny bit can be cool. And, as with the previous gig has taught us that even during a live-streamed concert, the connection with the audience is magical, and unctuous are.”

Tickets can be purchased through the bso .

The livestreamconcert will start on August 15, 2020, to 20: 30. The concert is also to be reviewed for the duration of the weekend.