The Romeo’s and Their Vanwezemael in the first episode, ‘The Wheel’

93a68a95bf8d8c60be20f914411d184c - The Romeo's and Their Vanwezemael in the first episode, 'The Wheel'

Starting on Monday, please let Peter Van de Veire of The Wheel to daily spin: the passing gameshow of all time receive to-morrow is a solid update to a FOUR. One nineties-bling, but with a new wheel, a new logo, Peter Van de Veire as host, and a premium prijzenwinkel, well-known letterzetters, a new opening tune, created by Regi Penxten, and with a twisted and surprising interventions, Wim Opbrouck. Over the next four weeks, turning every day for three candidates-to the iconic wheel, in order to word puzzles to solve, and in particular, great prizes to be won.

The Wheel will henceforth be known letterzetters, in the place of a permanent assistant, that is Peter, each episode will be accompanied by a new familiar face. The typesetter converts, not only in the letters to appear, and he or she also presents some of the issues and themes raised in the vragenrondes. The Hilly seksuologe Meanwhile, Van Wezemael snarls in the morning rush hour as typesetter. One of the puzzles, it reveals a trauma from her childhood. The store is also emerging, suddenly, in the Romeo, but, as between the prices is the offer of year-long, every day of the Frikandel XXL to consume it.

“The Store is traditionally filled with wonderful prizes, and everyone had long dreamed of, but never dared to buy it. A car and a Dinner-in-the-Sky, or even a mystery surprise box, it is possible to. In the finals, one of which is a candidate, in addition to the possibility of shopping for in to win a prize from the “Premium” section of the store. There are several prizes to the ‘You’ to say to you. Wim Opbrouck is doing today and The Shop shake with enthusiasm, and his unique art. He or she will guide the candidates in their own unique way through The Store and out to be also a playful teaser from the spider-man and the candidate.