Ida de Nijs stay at home concerts

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“Performing in theaters and concert halls is now. To the public, there are no concerts. But I’m not allowed in the home or business to your account.

The word Ida in the net regularly from Booischot. In the past few months, they have been on it for a limited number of people, and that if they want to continue to do so.
“Now the weather just isn’t more than a 10 man or a woman. For what it is. As long as I have one and a half meters of free space for them to do. But I am lucky to have so much space. The inside and the outside.” In usa, the net regularly speaks with conviction about how they can adapt to the particular measures by which performances are to comply with. “If I don’t go to the public, it is allowed, can I make the audience at home. I’ve had a few of those “Thuisconcerten in front of my “audience” or “open-air garden-theatre,” with only 8 or 9 people. Even with private companies. And that is just to so much as be in the Lotto Arena, I can tell you,” laughs Ida, and the net regularly.

“We’ll give you a drink, eat some snacks, and I do have two sets of like going to the theatre tomorrow. It is often something totally new as an extra. In the meantime, I talk about my life and how I got on later in life, yet a singer has made me, and why I truly love to be in Flanders, for living. During the break, I’ll stay with them, and I will answer to the ever-emerging questions. Hand gel, and everything is disinfected. It’s a little bit of work, but I have to be happy about,” the singer continued.