Arena Group is building a pop-up, did It

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Punishment in the news: the Stadium Group, will start the construction of the building, and a pop-up concert, and evenementenarena on the Belgian coast. That arena will be in Moscow to be built and next season will be the place to be for a lot of big events.

The Arena Group is full of courage and with a lot of enthusiasm for this innovative project. The initiative is a boost for the ailing livemuzieksector. Moreover, we offer to the general public – that is, by the coronacrisis now, his hunger remains – a large selection of music, and spectacle in the early summer of 2021.

This new project will be an important tentencomplex with a capacity of up to 3,500 (seated audience of up to 5.500 people (in a combined standing/seated configuration). You can compare it to is a smaller version of the Lotto-Arena in Antwerp, belgium. On that scale was never seen before in Belgium, it is a structural pop-up concert, and the hall was built.

Jan Van Esbroeck, the chief executive of Stadium Group, “as it looks now, it is from the summer of 2021 is very busy with the agenda of a large number of displaced and new music concerts, and other events. With the pop-up arena, we could make this a greater product to facilitate.”