VTM is celebrating a birthday Will Tura-in the style

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Will Tura is blowing now, on Sunday, August 2, and 80 years old, and that it is in the VTM, is celebrated with great verjaardagsshow of 80 years, Will Tura’. Who else but Luk Alloo, which Will for years in private, we can have a better birthday set. Together with Paul Jambers, Koen Wauters, Luc Appermont, They, Ben Crabbé, Urban, and Patrick Lefevere talks Now considered to be in an empty Stadium on their relationship with the musical legend. Will Tura takes the microphone in one hand, and brings it to live with some of his classic songs. The stage will be at Will’s birthday party, on Sunday, the 2nd of August, at 20.30, to look at the VTM’s.

Luk Alloo: “That “for 80 years, Will Tura,” the trouble is, in order to see this, we have taken care of. It is not a predictable overview of the career of the Most popular singer, but a lot of well-known guests to tell a very personal story about the Captain. The verjaardagsshow was recorded in an empty Arena, complete coronaproof, because it Will earn no less than the biggest venue in the country.”
Koen Wauters: “the Will was in me, the seeds have to be yourself, singer-to-be”

At that time “alone Without You”, the first hit of Will Tura, and in 1962 it came out and it was Paul Jambers is 17 years old. He notes that, as Tura, to be the number one rose in the TOP 30 among the hits of Paul Anka, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. “‘Alone Without You’ was like a tsunami. It was unusual that an american song, the couple. Everything had to make way. I was going to fall in love with its distinctive intro, and I have particularly a lot of geslowd with the girls”, says Paul, is already smiling back. Luk Alloo takes Paul Jambers is also about the bond of Will Tura ‘alone Without You’ song.

Koen Wauters was about 11 when he was at home, and the record of the ‘Flanders ‘ in My Country’ to find out. “I could see the Will to live, and then the seeds will be planted for themselves the singer-to-be. Will has been an example in so many areas. He sings his songs, he has them, he lives them. That to me has always been hit,” says Carl. “Will, it is not a big talker, but this is the man that is me calling to talk with each other. I don’t have the words to give my respect to.”