Pat Krimson brings a single ‘Summer Vibe’ out on the hottest day of the year

915fe25a2a986a5a07f7cfbc6649378c - Pat Krimson brings a single 'Summer Vibe' out on the hottest day of the year

Pat Krimson are, in and of itself is not the most fun of times. Instead of a busy summer on the Belgian and international music scene needs a Pat Krimson tentative in his dorm room and then continue. “Hopefully it will remind them of me after this Corona of crisis, when the superverspreider of new beats and music,” laughs Pat Krimson. And, in order to avoid that the human race would be forgotten, he has decided to take action: today, his new single.

As is true with many of my colleagues in the music industry, saw, Pat Krimson, his tour calendar is wiped out if a tsunami.. by 2020 it would be afscheidsjaar of 2Fabiola featuring performances from Valencia to Copenhagen, and a huge list of festivalletjes DJ Pat Krimson. But because of the lock down, and the cancellations he has to get one… with a Pat : “in This period of time gave me time to reflect on the journey that I had traveled to a new musical trip to france. A passion for the studio, it is all the way back, you hear the sound of the charcoal.

Pat Krimson started in the 80’s. “That was what I was ontdekkingsjaren in the music, where I was active as a bassist in the new wave groups such as the Blue Square. In 1989, I went on to work as a promo guy for the records company, Antler-Subway, Maurice Engelen (Praga Khan). The 90’s were, in the following years, with bands such as the Leopold3 & 2Fabiola, and “Nunca’. But it is also a breakthrough in the dance music scene as the label manager of Dance and Opera. It was also the start of the new AtmoZ clubconcept 2 sites: sint-truiden & Vosselaar.”

At the beginning of this century to be charged with a Pat Krimson as an artist name, a music plug-in. Culminating in the staying on the party island of Ibiza. “On the weekend, I flew every week back to the Belgiëe my 2 AtmoZ clubs have to be run. Living in Ibiza and it was a dream, but after 10 years on the small island and came up the drive to be able to fly again”.