An Lemmens bow to eye-catching challenge

0a9bc7394be77c4528fbd8256f8ad26d - An Lemmens bow to eye-catching challenge

For the past few days, you can see it on Instagram, one challenge after the other to pass. The women who are with other women, to challenge, An Lemmens escaped from it. The show was presented by, among others Klaasje, Ann Van Elsen and Nathalie Meskens mentioned at all.
“Honestly? When the first of the finalists for this challenge in my inbox that were rolling in, I thought, “Oh, uh-oh, here, I do not engage in it, give me a break with your dumb challenge” said An Lemmens is on Instagram.

An to describe the feelings that we have when the action got. “I see more and more black-and-white pictures with friends and co-workers, and it had been some annoyance to suppress : “Women have to support women as an excuse to use again for a sultry selfie to post? Seriously?””, is An Lemmens is on Instagram. A lot of the followers of the well-known Flemish people understand that there is no either, also, An Lemmens no.