Waes by the images to Travel the Waas-Flanders

13cded968c6c3f2329904353c1fcf859 - Waes by the images to Travel the Waas-Flanders

Tom Waes is almost halfway through the recording process for Travel, the Waas-Flanders.

After the call to the One of watchers for help and advice, got Tom, more than 3,000 suggestions in. He will be traveling to this summer through all the provinces, in search of a penalty, stories, unique experiences, and beautiful locations. In the summer, bring him in from the left Corner to the bottom of the Sea, from Antwerp to the far reaches of Space.

Waes: “my appeal to the One audience has made me a very, very, very pleasantly surprised. We are now halfway through the recordings, and I’ve been to amazing places and have had some great stories to know. So, I have been in the Corner for a hint about the mysterious death of my great-grandfather’s, but I’ve also been invited to be a course of West-Flanders that are to follow. In East-Flanders, belgium I have been trying to make up for a forgotten culinary heritage on the map, and even in my beloved Antwerp and I still have a whole other side to get to know.”