Tura 80’s: more than 2,500 fans have tried their chance on Radio 2

180dc2f2c3e35e9f328868526ad821a8 - Tura 80's: more than 2,500 fans have tried their chance on Radio 2

On Sunday, August 2, blow, the emperor of the Flemish song, Will Tura, with 80 years of. In honor of this occasion, the switch to Radio 2, along with his family, friends and many fans at the Tura, in the flowers, with interesting stories and congratulations.

The starting signal will be given on Thursday, 30th of July, a select group of Radio 2 listeners should be an exclusive act of the Will, and the musicians in the Marconistudio in the VRT to attend a pre-birthday celebration, with the unique versions of the classics as well. First, it provided the bubbles 4 are.a.d. the National Council on 27/7 was reduced to 2 people in the same bubble. In the meantime, more than 2,500 fans will have their chance to dare to have such a place to get hold of! For those who still don’t have a ticket, it is the very last opportunity: from 11: 00 – 18: 00 hours, shares of Radio 2, the very last tickets! The lucky winners will get to enjoy it on Thursday coronaproof in table 2, a very special and intimate performance.