Laura Tesoro furious at the teacher

3a713165f98e6b0871a2ce1864b13c32 - Laura Tesoro furious at the teacher

This week, we can see a Laura Tesoro, in ‘The Summer Of the program, Eric Goens. The program staff will work with Laura at the H. Pius X-Institute in Antwerp, belgium college, where she graduated with a degree.

That makes her think back to an unfortunate period of time, at a different school: “I always had a note. I’ll never forget that, was she was the life of a party. Our mom was like: you are not allowed to be happy? That is, the teacher had me in a tough holiday assignments, and I’ve got this, really cried, that that’s not what I did. I finally figured it out and when I got back to school, that teacher is retired. You can’t imagine how angry I was.”