Jandino Asporaat allow the city to Curacao build

5566b37032f2d9095a3febe251fa8abe - Jandino Asporaat allow the city to Curacao build

Jandino Asporaat allow the city to Curacao build

27 July, 2020 22:34
27-07-20 at 22:34
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Jandino Asporaat shows over the next three years, a new city on the Curacao building, he was on Monday announced it on Instagram.

“As a child, I’ve always been a dreamer,” he writes that in the photo where he is in the midst of the unspoilt nature. “I have spent many nights at the old man slightly, counted on by the oil refinery, dreaming in the stars, I could almost touch it. Many of the dances are done in the plonzende the rain, dreaming that I was in a tropical paradise was. Or the days when I was in the old truck that was sitting on my older brother, riding through the beautiful areas of Curaçao, and never in any house that we may also be able to live in it.”

“As many of you may already know, it is my dream job, an architect,” he continues. “Entire neighborhoods are creating seems to me to be great, but as with all dreams, it will take time for them to finally come out, or as in many cases, they don’t care at all.”