United and Chelsea are on course for the CL-tickets, the goal for Van Dijk

4360523cae90beed711dedcd77ef8caa - United and Chelsea are on course for the CL-tickets, the goal for Van Dijk

United and Chelsea are on course for the CL-tickets, the goal for Van Dijk

July 26 2020 16:40
26-07-20 16:40
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Good afternoon and welcome to our liveblog on the final day of the Premier League. In this liveblog, we will keep you up to date with the latest news and developments in the ten games.

  • LIVE
  • Leicester United 0-0
  • The Wolves, 2-0
  • Arsenal V Watford 3-1
  • West Ham, Villa, 0-0
  • Everton-Portsmouth 1-2

The Premier League is · * * * a few hours ago

In the last three quarters of an hour by David Silva in the light blue of Manchester City, have also begun.Premier League · 3-minute geleden46 The second half has started in all ten of the English men at the front. 45 minutes (plus some stoppage time), the final decision-making.Premier League · 9 hours ago

David Silva, who will be the last competitieduel for Manchester City to play in, would like to congratulate De Bruyne with a beautiful hit.A 9-minute geledenPremier-League 10 minutes ago

With this score, there is little change in the battle for Champions League football against relegation. Chelsea and Manchester United have virtually a ticket to the miljoenenbal in his hands, while the Car and the Rest have to hope for positive developments in other fields, to the degradation to avoid.Premier League · 13 hours ago

Peace of mind! The teams have to go to tea at the English fields, and there is plenty to do. This is the score:

Leicester City-Manchester United 0-0
The Chelsea-Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-0
Newcastle United-Liverpool 1-To-1
Manchester City-Norwich City 2-0
Arsenal V Watford 3-1
Crystal Palace-Tottenham Hotspur 0-1
Everton-Portsmouth 1-2
Southampton-Sheffield United 0-1
Burnley-Brighton & Hove Albion 1-To-1
West Ham United-Aston Villa 0-0Premier League · up to 14 minutes geledenKevin de Bruyne had just once again been an unprecedented class to see. Take a look and enjoy:


Golaço do, Kevin De Bruyne 😍😍😍


Auteurgoncalodias17Moment of plaatsen17:53 – jul 26 2020Premier League · 17 minutes ago the45+4′ GOAL from Chelsea! 2-0

And Olivier Giroud doubled after the 1-0 the Mount straight to the lead for Chelsea! The Frenchman, who is very driven and omspeelt the turn of July, and then print it. That will be the happy faces in the dressing room of the home in the peace and quiet.Premier League · 19 hours ago –45+3′ GOAL from Chelsea! 1-0

Ex-Vitessenaar Them Mount to bring Chelsea with a stunning free-kick on the edge at Wolverhampton! It could be a crucial goal in the battle for a CL ticket for one of the Blues’.19 minutes by geledenPremier-League · 21 hours ago45+2′ GOAL to Rest! 1-2

For a long time and Everton will not be able to enjoy the second half, as Bournemouth’s is at the start of the rust on the edge.Premier League · 22 hours agoin 45+1′ GOAL Manchester City!!! 2-0

The best of this season from Manchester City, doubled the lead. Kevin De Bruyne is excellent, and you shoot the ball just as phenomenal in the far corner. Brilliant move by the man who is actually in the whole of the season to do it.Premier League · 23 hours agoa 42′ GOAL in a Car! 3-1

Troy Deeney is doing on behalf of Watford back in against Arsenal. He used a free kick, which was caused by David Luiz.Premier League · 25 minutes ago –42′ GOAL Everton! 1-to-1

Mois Kean takes his team to be at the same height at degradatiekandidaat Rest.Premier League · 30 minutes ago –39′ GOAL to Liverpool. 1-to-1

Virgil van Dijk will make his disastrous first minute, and again I loved it! The central defender, who was the free-kick is caused, in which the opening goal arose from it, nodding with a beautiful boogbal a cross from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain at the far corner.A 30-minute geledenPremier League-a 30-minute geledenDe a second goal from Aubameyang, there should be-in the rush hour omhaalt’m in.


‘Le petit bijou’d’ Aubameyang ⚽ and vidéo. #ARSWAT


AuteurFC RapMoment of plaatsen17:37 – jul 26 2020Premier League · 32 minutes ago –34′ GOAL to Arsenal! 3-0

It is a very painful afternoon for the Car, which is already 3-0 behind against Arsenal. Aubameyang signing for his second of the afternoon, and the place of his doelpuntentotaal for this season, at 22, is one goal behind the top scorer Jamie vardy granted.Premier League · 34 minutes ago

The Chelsea manager and Frank Lampard doesn’t agree with a decision made by the referee. It’s still 0-0 at Wolverhampton.Premier League · 34 minutes geleden33 Bruno Could think of, on behalf of Manchester United is a nice touch to the battle for Champions League football. The goal of the Portuguese in the crucial match with Leicester City, however, rejected, because he was in an offside position at the moment is that Pogba is a fine diepteballetje shipping.Premier League · 36 minutes ago

David Silva is wearing in his last game for Manchester City in the aanvoerdersband.The 36-minute geledenPremier League · 37 minutes ago

Gabriel, Jesus, to tap within, on behalf of Manchester City, while Norwich goalkeeper Tim Krul is already sitting on the floor.Premier League · 41 mins ago –24′ GOAL to Arsenal! 2-0

Kieran Tierney brings to his team 2-0 up against Watford. He’s hitting the ball very well, but it was enough to score a goal. In a dramatic run for the Car, which is today the degradation and try to avoid it.Premier League-four hours ago,21, a GOAL from Brighton! From 0 to 1

In a match for the emperor’s beard is coming in Brighton the lead against Burnley. He Bissouma is the name of the scorer.The Premier League one day ago

Newcastle United striker Dwight Gayle is due to his team mates congratulations and thank you for be just as fast as a surprising opening goal against Liverpool.Premier League-four hours ago,on 15-GOAL Striker! From 0 to 1

Harry Kane puts the team in the lead. He shoots from a distance of twelve to eighteen of the season in.the one-hour geledenPremier League-four hours ago,a 14′ GOAL to Rest! From 0 to 1

Bournemouth, as the first business in the fight against relegation. The team is coming through a penalty from Joshua King, a head start against Everton/Premier League-four hours ago,in 12′ GOAL Manchester City!!! 1-0

A rampminuut for Tim Krul and Norwich City. First, it is the one of the ‘Canaries’ rejected, and a few minutes later, he’s on the other side in. Gabriel, Jesus, to take advantage of the fact that the Norwich defence with a low cross from Raheem Sterling in no way and simply tap the ball past Krul.Premier League-four-hour geleden10′ Goal in Norwich City’s disallowed! The goal of Hernandez is going to not due to because the run-up to the hit in is offside shall be established by the VSA.Premier League-four hours ago,an 8′ GOAL, and Norwich City!!! From 0 to 1

After leader Liverpool, and is also the number two to Manchester City and early season. It’s already relegated Norwich City, coming fast over the counter, and Onel Hernández enjoy Ederson with a dry scrubber at the ball.Premier League-four hours ago, itwas 4: GOAL Scored! 1-0

The Arsenal, which is good for nothing but to play, it comes early lead against Watford. Alexandre Lacazette will be in the back, beaten in the zestienmetergebied, and, therefore, it is an opportunity. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang shoots and then unerringly hit home.Premier League-four hours ago,a 1′ GOAL to Newcastle United! 1-0

Win a national championship and the Liverpool was the first team on the last day due to a hit to collect. Dwight Gayle was the entire defense, including Virgil van Dijk is too soon to shut down when Jonjo Shelvey’s free kick, quickly taken and to round off cold off.Premier League-four hours ago,and 1′, The ball will roll on the tenth of the English fields! Who’s going to be the Champions League and get relegated?Premier League-four-hour geledenEen a funny moment prior to the Southampton-Sheffield United. Chris Wilder, the manager of Sheffield, will be surprised by a sprinkler.


Oi oiiiii! 😮
Chris Wilder, it was determined to continue his pre-match interview with Sky Sports, despite getting a surprise soaking from a sprinkler…😂💦


AuteurSky SportsMoment of plaatsen16:42 am – July 26, 2020Premier League · 2 hours ago

As a reminder, this is the position in the Premier League. It’s going to be major League baseball tickets, and the degradatiestrijd:

  1. Liverpool, the 37-96 (82-32)
  2. Manchester City’s 37-78 (97-35)
  3. Manchester United’s 37-63 (64-36)
  4. Chelsea-37-63 (67-54)
  5. Leicester 37-62 (67-39)
  6. July’s 37-59 (51-38)
  7. The striker is 37-58 (60-46)
  8. Sheffield, 37-54 (38-36)
  9. Burnley’s 37-54 (42-48)
  10. Arsenal’s 37-53 (53-46)
  11. Everton’s 37-49 (43-53)
  12. Southampton, 37-49 (48-59)
  13. Newcastle’s 37-44 (37-55)
  14. Crystal Palace, 37-42 (30-49)
  15. West Ham United’s 37-38 (48-61)
  16. Brighton, 37-38 (37-53)
  17. Aston Villa, The 37-34 (40-66)
  18. Car 37-34 (34-61)
  19. Bournemouth’s 37-31 (37-64)
  20. Norwich’s 37-21 (26-70)

Chelsea-Wolverhampton · 2 hours ago

Chelsea and Wolverhampton send it at 17: 00, the following field in it:

Chelsea: Caballero; Azpilicueta, Zouma, Rudiger, Mr.; Jorginho, Kovacic, Alonso; Pulisic, Giroud, Mt.

July: Patricio; Boly, Coady, Saiss Airport, About; Neves, Dendoncker, Jonny; Neto, Jimenez, One Iota.The Car in · 2 hours ago

Of the 22 names on The Car:

Arsenal: Martinez; Maitland-Niles, Luiz, Holding Reed Elsevier Nv; Xhaka, Willock, Ceballos, Pepper, Lacazette, Aubameyang.

Watford: Foster; Femenia, Kabasele, Dawson, De Masina; Hughes, Doucoure, Welbeck; Pereyra, Pose, Deeney.Newcastle-Liverpool · 2 hours ago

And here we see the lineup of Newcastle United, and Liverpool.

Newcastle: Peace And Silence; Manquillo, Fernandez, Rose Ritchie; Bentaleb, Shelvey, Lazar; Almiron, Saint-Maximin, Then.

Liverpool: Alisson; Williams, Gomez, Van Dyke, Robertson; Milner, Wijnaldum, Keita; Minamino, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Original Production.Leicester City-Manchester United · 2 hours ago

In about an hour to play for Leicester City and Manchester United are against each other in a uefa Champions League ticket. Here are the line-ups:

Leicester City: Schmeichel; Justin, Evan, Morgan, Thomas, Thomas, Albrighton, Williams, Choudhury; Ndidi, Iheancho, Vardy Granted.

Manchester United: Gea; Williams, Lindelöf, Muscle Network Bissaka; Matic, Pogba, Rashford, Fernandes, Greenwood; Martial.Chelsea-Wolverhampton · a 2-hour geledenDe the players at Chelsea are on the up for the all-important match against Wolverhampton. With a win, the team from the Champions League participation for next season. July can definitely be a champions League-ticket to secure.


The Blues are in the house! 👊


AuteurChelsea FCMoment of plaatsen15:41 am – 26 July, 2020Newcastle-Liverpool · 2-hour geledenDe a selection of hotels has arrived in California. James’ Park for the match against Newcastle United. For both of these teams do you see in this last day, nothing more.

Ready for our final fixture of a memorable season 📸🙌


AuteurLiverpool FC, Premier League, Champions 🏆)Time plaatsen15:37 – jul 26 2020Premier League · 4-hour geledenWelke clubs, relegating the Prime minister-League?

  • Watford and Bournemouth
  • Watford, Aston Villa
  • Portsmouth and Aston Villa

Premier League · 4-hour geledenWelke clubs to pick up a ticket for the Champions League?

  • Manchester United and Chelsea
  • Manchester United-Leicester City
  • Chelsea and Leicester City

Juventus-Sampdoria · 5 hours geledenMet these names will be hoping his side’s win over tonight and get the job done. This is a part of the selection process, the title of the Series is A grab, when the game is on Sampdoria.

📋 The SQUAD LIST as The Bianconeri called-up for the #JuveSamp!
#FinoAllaFine ⚪️⚫️ #ForzaJuve


AuteurJuventusFCMoment of plaatsen13:15 – July 26, 2020Newcastle-Liverpool · 6 hours of geledenMaar, then he should be in the afternoon or for the whole competition to finish against Newcastle United.

⏲️ – @VirgilvDijk the THIRD Dutchman to be in for a whole season in the Premier League, not speelminuut missing, after Sander Westerveld (Liverpool 2000/2001) and Tim Krul (Newcastle United in 2011/2012). #NCULIV 🇳🇱


AuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen11:14 – July 26, 2020Serie A · 7 hours ago

This Is started when The slip of the season, but it has become a vital link in the team, Sunday night in the national championship too. Take a look back at the season of the most promising young players.Series with A · * 7 hours ago

They will now have the chance to win the national championship action, after the Thursday, with the 2-1, lost to Udinese. ‘Juve’ will receive Sampdoria at 21.45 hrs and will need a win to make the title secure.Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots

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