Today Hadiemicha the Summer on the BASEMENT TV

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Sunday night, we can see in the Hadiemicha Summer in the broadcast world star Ronn Moss. Micha Marah will also be sent to the Belgian singer, She Added. Ronn Moss, Ella, Luna brought forth from the previous month, to the surprising duet Dreaming In Color, out. Ronn Moss, who became famous for his role as Ridge Forrester in the American soap opera “The Bold and The Beautiful’. The actor fell in love with our land, and when he for the first time in our country, you stayed for the play ‘the Brasschaatse to the Listener,” in which he has the starring role playing on. As the piece continued, but it had to be noodgewongen may be interrupted when the feline corona virus outbreak. Three years ago, and learned of the Belgian singer, who is well known for her French repertoire, Ronn’s Moss at the zomerrevue, Luc Caals, in has to offer. And then there was the idea to get together for a duet, but when he left Ronn returned to Los Angeles, and we had to wait until he returned to Belgium. In return, kept Ronn’s word, and then added the action to the word.

In order to get the whole story and the DNA of Ronn Moss and His Luna, to know, you need to be on Sunday the 26th of July, from 21 hours to be Hadiemicha the Summer on the BASEMENT TV. This program will be repeated on Saturday, August 1, at 10 o’clock.