Quinty think of the Netherlands

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Quinty think of the Netherlands

April 30, 2020 at 14:21
30-04-20 at 14:21
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Well-known Dutch and international celebrities are using social media regularly, you can see it in their lives. communicate throughout the day, updates are the stars in place.

a couple of hours ago

Quinty think of the Netherlands

Now the man stops as an assistant coach, Atlanta, United, may, Quinty to the Netherlands to focus on. “Now, in Atlanta, georgia, with my love for everything to settle in and do just as great a holiday here in the US, and then, together, go back to the Netherlands. We are complete as a family,” she writes on Instagram.2 hours ago

Angela Groothuizen has been on a ‘staycation’ in Amsterdam

In spite of the coronamaatregelen enjoy it, Angela Groothuizen with her family some well-deserved rest. “As a bijlesje Amsterdam grachtenvaren,” she writes in one photo on her Instagram.4 hours ago

Ruud de Wild, and Olcay Gülşen, dancing in France

Ruud de Wild, and Olcay Gülşen, enjoy from a romantic getaway to Lyon, France. And in The Wild, his girl friend, sudden intuitions. “Here, you will learn, as a woman, your husband-to-follow… come on over to the comments section“, jokes, the radio and the dj.yesterday at 15:18

Rachel is in the Cockpit takes out the aircraft

Rachel, September Saturday, the plane is packed and ready to go, say, to work on a new book.on Friday, at 22:28

Andre Hazes is celebrating mannenavond with his son

His friend, Van Westenberg has been in the hort with friends, and so to celebrate, André Hazes, a real ‘mannenavond with his son, Andre junior. Then it can be pizza, of course, not to be missed.on Friday, at 16:16

Jeroen Pauw is coronaproof on vacation

After the last show in the 1 at the beginning of the month of the holidays has come for Jeroen Pauw. The 59-year-old presenter leaves nothing to chance and has been vakantiekoffer is packed with masks and protective gloves.on Friday, at 16:16vrijdag 14:55: Barack Obama is the first guest on the podcast of Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is sharing it on Twitter, that her first podcastgast of The Michelle Obama-the Podcast is none other than her own man. The first episode will be out on the 29th of July, to be picked up.

In addition to Barack Obama, there may be guests are expected to be like her mother, her friends, co-workers and many, many others. “I can’t wait for you to come to the meetings to listen and I fought for the #MichelleObamaPodcast.”

I can’t wait for you all to hear the conversations I’ve been having for the #MichelleObamaPodcast. My mom, my girlfriends, my colleagues, and many others all stop by, along with someone you’re pretty familiar with: @barack obama it is my first guest on 7/29!


AuteurMichelle ObamaMoment of plaatsen14:34 am – July 24, 2020vrijdag 13:22 andI think She is in the studio with a Spanish Songfestivalkandidaat

There is likely to be a Songfestivalsamenwerking is on the rise. Blas Cantó, Spain, this year, it would be represented at the Eurovision song Contest, and during the next few years, the party has, of late, on Twitter, in the studio, to have been a part of the most recent winner of the New Parish. “We did great things and hope there are more to be able to tell you.” But of late, in response to the message, to know that he was really enjoying life.

Ayer tuve una sesión con @dunclaurence, @Dangelomusica, @DannHammond y #MikolajTrybulec e hicimos cosas muy chulas. Ojalá contaros más cosas, pronto.


AuteurBlas CantóMoment of plaatsen20:36 on July 23rd, 2020vrijdag at 07:54 pmJustin Bieber will to rest in the nature, and thank God

“To be a good way for me to find peace and to connect to nature,” writes Justin Bieber on Instagram next to a photo of a landscape with horses. The singer’s shows in addition to knowing that God is not to blame, it would have to get to the hard coronaperiode. “He is our hope, he is love,” writes Bieber, who will also have the opportunity to bite at him in return.Thursday, at 22:43

Dotan speaks out for the lhbti community after a hit in Russia and Poland

Dotan ranks currently to be a hit on the radio, both in Poland and Russia, are in single, Numb. This means that he is pleased with the success, but says that it does not have to be able to enjoy it without having to speak up for those without a voice’. “As a gay man it makes me pain, and that the members of the lhbti community does not have the same rights in the two countries. My heart breaks for the young people whose lives are affected by the policies of these countries.”

The singer says that no one should have to feel this in order to anyone who they have been. He encourages his listeners to think of the equal rights of the lhbti community support by following the links that she shares.on Thursday at 18:03, Fred van Leer, gives gezondheidsupdate after a torn calf muscle

Fred van Leer was recently on holiday in Saint-Tropez, and suddenly call it off, because a whip is in his place. In the video, he explains a per-se in a uk hospital, be treated and to the world. Have drivers reason, especially from the Netherlands to the South of France to get him. They were, therefore, two times in a twelve-hour journey. The stylist is now at home on the couch, hoping that he, due to his busy work as soon as possible, as usual.on Thursday, at 16:35, Tim Douwsma gets annoyed at people who have photographs of him

Tim Douwsma has had enough of the people that are in the public, unasked for pictures of him. He calls it his “annoyance number 1”. In his Instagram Stories of the year, writes the singer, and that he was with his girlfriend and her child on a terrace and sat down to eat when a person have a picture of him was made. “Ask me, don’t worry!”, he writes down.on Thursday, at 16:35donderdag at 10:38 amLiam Payne on One Direction: “What a journey”

Liam Payne has taken to Twitter comments about his time in the boy band One Direction, who won ten years ago. He shared a picture from a text message that he was going to his father are sent when the connection was formed. “I had no idea what we were in when I got this text from my father, sent for,” said the singer.

What a journey… I had no idea what we were in for when I sent this text to my Dad ten years ago at this exact time, the band was formed. Thanks to everyone that’s supported us over the years, and thanks to the boys for sharing this with me #10YearsOfOneDirection


AuteurLiamMoment of plaatsen09:16 – July 23, 2020donderdag at 05:36

Her “yes”, and Ali B, to eat together, have a bite to eat in Portugal

Fellow rappers Crook and Ali, both on holiday, both at home and eating together as a snack.on Wednesday, at 21:21

One of the Lions mourn death of his mother (88)

One of the Lions has been in mourning over the death of his mother, Huibje. The wife has recently passed away as a result of a brain hemorrhage. Van Leeuwen, the host of the popular tv programme , The family dinner, had a year and a half ago and have to say goodbye to his father, Marius, who was suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Huibje, and Marius was more than sixty years of marriage.on Wednesday, at 14:52

Orlando Bloom shows the name of the dog who passed away at the chest tattoo

Actor Orlando Bloom has been up to tears, moved by the death of his dog’s Death. The actor from the Pirates of the Caribbean, that had been a private detective turned up to help a four-legged friend on to a track and announced a reward of $ 5,000 is almost (4.400 euro) is for the visitor. At the end of seven days, the collar of the dog have been found. To honor the Bloom is the name of the dog in the chest to be tattooed. “I’ve seen this week, more crying than I had thought possible.”on 07:34 am

Angela schijf very happy with the pictures little Girl having Fun

Angela’s Drive is again shooting for the third season of that Girl is Fun, there is a series about sex. “Love my job“, says the actress is eager to know.on Tuesday, at 16:55

Ferry, He has the burden of dertigersdilemma

Ferry Doedens is the last month of the thirty had become, and to think that he is suffering from the dertigersdilemma. “I don’t know what it is, but it is just the same as I am with all the progress. Where do I stand in your life?” Where am I from? What do I really do?”, he asked to himself. The actor is hoping a few tips from his followers.on Tuesday, at 16:54dinsdag at 13:02

Harry Styles and comes up with a ‘ stache

A new look for the Harry Styles? The lead singer, during a trip to Italy and have the razor at home? This photo was taken by the owner of a restaurant in Modena, which is due to the Styles with a visit to the venerated.on Tuesday at 08:48 am

Angela Groothuizen and commemorates the death of Dolly Dot Ria

Angela Groothuizen together with, among others, the Ria Brieffies (1957-2009) is a member of the Dolly Dots. “We’ll miss you,” said the singer, on Brieffies, who died of lung cancer.on Tuesday around 05:20

The moon makes a flawless minidebuut as a radio dj

Moon de Steenwinkel in the event of a radio station, 3FM, it is trailing in her song, So you can use it for yourself to announce a instarten. “Oh my god, this was going to be very good!”, according to the singer after she performed flawlessly done.on Monday, at 21:01

Katja Schuurman will be entertained at the campsite

The pregnant Katja Schuurman, who is due in August, it seems like the perfect what is going on with the site. In a series of photos on Instagram, she wrote: “just take it easy, in the last stage.”Mondays at 09:43

Xander de Buisonjé is proud to cyclists), daughter (3)

The three-year-old daughter of Xander de Buisonjé without the training wheels of bikes. “After a 2-meter stick, took the princess on it:” I can hear it, dad.” And then she fell,” said the singer on the first try.on Monday at 05:55 pm

Stu, the French opting for an extra short hair style

Stu, the French invented the “megaspannend” to get her hair cut. “Now let me teach you how I like to style”, says the ex – GTST-actress.on Monday at 05:55zondag at 19:23

Orlando Bloom’s ‘inconsolable’ by the disappearance of a dog

Orlando Bloom has him with a dog the past few days has been missing. “I don’t have time in my life to remember that I was so broken. The rawness and the sleepless nights that I have over the last few days I have felt the need to make my little guy got lost, and scared, and all I could do to protect him is a real nightmare,” wrote the actor on his Instagram.

“I feel powerless, it could be like the many others who have loved ones, or lose our loved ones, will not be able to see through the current period of time,” writes Bloom. “Cherish the moments you share with those you love. Be confident and don’t be afraid to love or to fear, to love and to lose. A love to last forever.”

The actor continues: “The bond between a Pet (Bloom’s dog, red.) and to me it shows dedication in a way that I don’t really have to understand it. I am a dedicated father and partner, but there’s a reason why they have the dogs ‘best friend is the man to call. I’m going to miss him. Please pray a prayer for my big, strong, and powerful young boy to find his way back to his family.”on Sunday, the 19th of July, at 14:48

The eldest daughter, Reinout, and Danielle Oerlemans is in the hospital

Fiene Oerlemans, the oldest daughter, Reinout, and Daniëlle Oerlemans, so this weekend, unexpectedly, to go to the hospital with abdominal pain. I learned that she was to have her appendix, which was surgically removed. However, it is now back with her.on Sunday, the 19th of July, at 13:58

Marlijn Weerdenburg has had a first meeting with a loved one

It’s a Sunday, exactly five years ago, Marlijn Weerdenburg, her lover, Paul who met. “As a feminist in the forest near arnhem,’ says the tv presenter and actress, who is in the relationship with the cinematographer and camera operator for four years and was involved with a woman about her partner.Sunday, July 19, at 11:34 am

Kate In supportive nutrition advice ‘chew mindfully’

If it were up to Arie Boomsma is the old advice to make each and every mouthful of food thirty times to chew before swallowing back to you in the dietary advice. “It carelessly, or without thinking of food, it is not only good for your digestive system, you are more likely to eat it when you actually already have had, because you don’t have to think of it,” said the presenter, as well as the owner of a sportschoolketen.on Sunday, the 19th of July at 07:34 am

Olcay Gülşen, predicts that the 40’s are nice to feel

Monday, Olcay Gülşen, 40 years of age. At her birthday party, predicts that the entrepreneur and the host of that’s life, even after reaching the age of great art.on Saturday, the 18th of July at 19:55

Gisele Bündchen plants trees for a birthday party

Gisele Bünchen will take place on Monday, forty years old and wants to celebrate it with something special. “I have a feeling that there will be a new chapter in my life awaits, and that’s what I want to have a meaningful way to celebrate,” he writes in the State. “So, I’ve decided to take a 40,000 trees to be planted.” She doesn’t believe that this is the best way to do something to give back to Mother Earth.”
on Saturday, the 18th of July at 19:55zaterdag, July 18, at 17:02

Check your email for course-Richard Branson

Nicolette van Dam and her husband, Bass-Smith are in the past few years, a good friend of the British multimiljardair Richard Branson. He is celebrating his seventieth birthday, and to check your email and share to celebrate this, a picture of her and a Center, it was made at a dinner party. “He rocks!!! I love his passion, his laughter, his sense of humor.”on Saturday, July 18, at 09:46 pm

Ali-B has a problem with a mask

Ali-B is on vacation, and doing at Schiphol airport, to be extra careful. “But that’s klotekapje it is to think that I should be sneezing all the time, so half of Schiphol airport for me and running around as if I were corona, a distributed,” he writes on Instagram.

on Friday, 17 July at 22:00

Sylvie Meis is proud to moving a son (14)and the

Sylvie Meis revealed on Friday that her fourteen-year-old son, Damian moves on to her German home to one of her ex Rafael van der Vaart, in Denmark, in order to follow in the footsteps of his father, and from the Danish club Esbjerg to continue to play football. “Follow your dreams, be proud of you”, the hostess turned to her son.on Friday, the 17th of July, at 20:38

Quinty will lievelingsbloemen father, who passed away

Quinty Friday, as a surprise by a friend of mine brought it to a alliumkweker and it was lievelingsbloemen of her father, who passed away as a present. “It’s worth its weight in gold,” said the announcer.on Friday, the 17th of July, at 19:33

Countess Eloise has now been verified Instagram account

The eighteen-year-old countess Eloise has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram. This has led to the eldest daughter of prince Constantijn and princess Laurentien on Friday, a blue check mark verification by the socialemediaplatform behind the name.on Friday, the 17th of July, at 19:21

Sylvana Simons ‘happy grandma’ behind the stroller

Sylvana Simons was “very happy” with her grand-daughter in the baby carriage is allowed to move around. In march, it was announced that Simon’s for the first time, grandma had become of the granddaughter, Nalia.on Friday, the 17th of July, at 15:36

The british royal family would like to congratulate year-old Followed by a

Camilla, duchess of Cornwall, will celebrate on Friday in her 73rd birthday. The wife of prince Charles, will receive the congratulations of the British royal family.Thursday, 16 July, at 21:27, Maxime warns fans

Even though the Chateau Marillaux due to the corona virus is not currently open to the guests, the fans, to the palace of the family, Meiland, in France. And that’s not what you want, to warn, Dutch, Meiland Thursday on Instagram. She said that in the last few days a lot of people at the chateau were made in the hope that they will be the well-known Dutch family, the meeting.

“We are very pleased that people are simply staying at home or at their holiday destination,” says Meiland. “In any case, it is not visiting bring it to my house, because it is, ultimately, our home and our privacy.”on Thursday the 16 of July at 15:20

Emma looks back

The Spice Girls have known each other for more than 25 years, and for sharing so many wonderful experiences and memories. Emma Bunton (aka Baby Spice), place, Thursday a picture on her Instagram page that she’s on a dance show with ex-colleagues, Melanie Brown and Victoria Beckham. “As a party to the action, ‘” writes the singer. “Pure fun!”on Thursday the 16th of July, at 05:48, the Captain Americaactor Chris Evans will give the original shield, to the boy that the sister saves the day dog

Chris Evans, last Thursday, with an original shield, from the series of the new Captain America promised that the six-year-old boy’s sister was rescued from a dog that attacked her. “Let me be the next to have to tell you that you’re a hero,” says the actor, who’s starring role in the superheldenfilmreeks to play against the young boy on his rescue, was wounded.


Bridger, 6 years old, saved his little sister from an attacking dog. He knew he would get hurt, but he did it anyway. He’s a hero.
So, we made this happen. One of the most fulfilling thing, ever, huge thanks to Chris Evans.
Spread the love. ❤️


AuteurBD 🍒Time plaatsen04:58 pm – July 16, 2020donderdag July 16 at 05:16 am

Lil’ Kleine explains Jaimie Vaes love

Lil’ Kleine explains his fiancée Jaimie Vaes, which is also the mother of their son, Lío, using Instagram to show love. Apart from all of the texts as well as the romantic nonsense of it on Insta, I would like to say that you are my mate, my wife, the best mom ever,” according to the release. “Up until the last day of the year, as I live, I will be there for you and will be there for you!”on Wednesday, July 15, at 21:55

Anouk Hoogendijk is asking for help to find a babynaam

Anouk Hoogendijk is pregnant with her first child, a boy. The ex-soccer star and her friend have no idea what they are, their future son is going to name a few. Therefore, it enables its followers to be in it. “Fortunately, we have a little more time. But we are definitely open to your input, so keep on with the funny names,” he writes Hoogendijk on Instagram.on Wednesday, July 15 at 07:37

Iggy Azalea makes a name for son

Iggy Azalea has named her newly born son was announced. The Australian rapper posted on Instagram of an audio recording in which she told him about it and he sounds it makes. They are placed in the text of “Amethyst & Onyx” in. Amethyst, the actual name of the Azalea, and, in General, are both the names of precious stones. In the comments to the post said, Azalea is that in General, and they are always the best of friends. Also, he made it clear in June, well-known family, and is told in the life of her son, as much as possible, in private, to wish to keep it.Wednesday, July 15, at 05:24

Pregnant Kim Feenstra gives a happy update

Kim Feenstra has let us know that it was “great” with her pregnancy. At the end of may, was unveiled by the model in anticipation of her first child.

Feenstra revealed in her reality show “Life of Kim and that she is struggling to make it in a natural way to get pregnant. Later on, they will know the ivf process to start. She is still a taboo subject in peace, and hopes that her openness about her situation with other couples who were going through the same experience and to be able to support it.on Tuesday, 14 July at 21:50

Vlogger Mascha Feoktistova, sharing an intimate moment

Mascha Feoktistova, better known by Beautygloss on Instagram with an intimate picture shared of her new-born baby up against her bare belly to. Last week, liked it for the YouTuber on a “violent birth” of a daughter, Mila. Among others, Roxeanne Hazes, Laura Ponticorvo, and Quinty comment on the picture of the Feoktistova.Back to top

Image: BrunoPress

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