Fortuna Sittard is in a conversation with a transfervrije striker Polter

bf76736dad7e59c356cf94559f062fa4 - Fortuna Sittard is in a conversation with a transfervrije striker Polter

Fortuna Sittard is in a conversation with a transfervrije striker Polter

May 26, 2020 at 10:01
26-05-20 10:01 am
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Transferupdates · 13 hours ago

Douglas is open to all, Go Ahead, Why don’t you?”
Douglas is open to all, with a stay at Go Ahead Eagles. The 32-year-old defender, who we know from his years at the FC Twente training yesterday on a trial basis in the club to come out of the Kitchen Champion of the Division. “We don’t yet have a contract issue, but I’m training now. If it does, it would be nice. Why or why not? I did not mean to say it, but it would be really nice,” said Douglas yesterday after the first training session of Go Ahead Eagles, on FOX Sports’.13 minutes, geledenTransferupdates · 26 minutes ago

Luck is in the conversation with the transfervrije Polter
Fortuna Sittard is in communication with the transfervrije, Sebastian Polter, as confirmed by the technical manager Sjors Ultee. The 29-year-old Polter, a German striker in the last 2.5 years had been active in the Union, in Berlin. He was made available to some players of Fortuna FC Dordrecht (2-1). The club is from the province of Limburg has been in the market for a new centrumaanvaller. Polter scored in the last Bundesliga season and twice in thirteen matches. (Source: The Observer)Transferupdates · yesterday, at 23:21

Conte: ‘Rumours of Messi to Inter nepnieuws’
The coach Antonio Conte denies, with emphasis, that Both Sides have to be interested in a move to Milan, as some of the influential Italian newspapers earlier this week that they wrote. “The rumor is that Lionel Messi at The club is definitely a fake. Do not rely on this nepnieuws. He is not coming to Inter, not even in the fantasyvoetbal.” (Source: Sky Sports)Transferupdates · yesterday at 22:57

‘Benfica have a proposal from Cavani under consideration’
Edinson Cavani looks like his career will continue in Brazil. The 33-year-old striker, who is clubloos, after the Paris Saint-Germain are descending to conspiracy last month and decided to extend, at the invitation of the Benfica, tonight is a guest at the derby between Benfica and Sporting lisbon. The club from the capital city, it would be a three-year contract proposal by the agents of Cavani in the discussion, and within a couple of hours to respond. Cavani played for Napoli, Palermo and Danubio from his native country of Brazil. (Source: Subrayado)Transferupdates · yesterday at 18:53

‘Dankerlui reached a private agreement with the football club FC Groningen’
Damil Dankerlui seems to be on the road to FC Groningen in the netherlands. The 23-year-old right back for Willem II, a private agreement was reached with the ‘Pride of the North’, is about a long-term contract, to confirm his side’s Ouanis Akachar Pure Sportsmanagement. The clubs have already agreed on a transfer fee. Dankerlui played since the end of 2018, at Willem II. (Source: Ajax Showtime)Transferupdates · yesterday at 17:50

‘Lallana is on the way to Brighton & Hove Albion
Adam Lallana seems to be on the way to Brighton & Hove Albion. The 32-year-old midfielder has an expiring contract at the club and it doesn’t have to cost a lot. He would have three years to be able to sign in to the coastal towns, where the Dutch international Davy Pröpper will also be under contract. Lallana has played 34 international matches of the English national football team. (Source: BBC)Transferupdates · yesterday at 17:00

“If Fledderus is so up, I’m going to press conference the way’
Deyovaiso Zeefuik try leaving the race for FC Groningen in the netherlands. The 22-year-old right back has long been a departure from the German Hertha BSC, but all of the clubs out there do not have a transfer fee. Hertha could be a bid in the amount of 4 million euro has been released. “If Fledderus is, as a matter of course, I’m at the end of the season press conference at Hertha,” said Zeefuik. “She is now the grand prize is asking for is a player who, for three hundred thousand bought it, and have only a one-year contract, it makes it very in the morning.” (Source: RTV Noord, yesterday at 17:49Transferupdates · yesterday at 16:39

Douglas has not yet talked about a contract with GAE
Douglas would like to make a contract, earn money with Go Ahead Eagles. The 32-year-old defender and are running through the intercession of the trainer’s work by Kees van Wonders on a trial basis at the club, in the Kitchen, the Champion of a Division. “We haven’t talked about a contract, but I’m training now. If it does, that would be nice. Why or why not? I did not mean to say it, but it would be really nice,” said the former player of FC Twente, who had a dopingschorsing in 2018 and beyond without the club. “People think that, after two years of football, lost the ability to have. I’ve never been injured, has been. I’ve got a lot of confidence.” (Source: FOX Sports)Transferupdates · yesterday at 16:17

A well-known old strike today, down on the Dutch fields, the boathouse. The 32-year-old defender, known for his stay with FC Twente, is on trial in the Kitchen, the Champion Division club Go Ahead Eagles.Transferupdates · yesterday at 15:29

Wagner has let the contract terminate, in China, in order for the family to be
The Ex-German international Sandro Wagner (32) has a contract with the Chinese Tianjin Teda to let loose. The former player of Bayern Munich, to see the coronacrisis’t want to have a family in Germany can be found here. “I’m home now with a family of four children,” he said in the interview with BILD. “Given the current circumstances, I can see it is not, they will return to China to travel, and they tell us we have to leave.” It is still unknown where his future lies. (Source: BILD)Transferupdates · yesterday at 14:24

Now, two years later, at sc Heerenveen, the netherlands
He Now has a contract with sc Heerenveen, with a two-year period. The midfielder is now up to the mid-2024 to the Marbles. Now came a year ago from FC Volendam.Transferupdates · yesterday at 12:41 pm

Doe does not want to speculate as to Ajax: ‘we had a superb stay at Werder’
The return of Davy Klaassen for Ajax seems a long way off. The midfielder from Werder Bremen, told The newspaper that the Ajax has not yet been finalized, and that he was very much in the city. In addition, he has very little sense to have Ajax to talk to. “Because I’m not that neat at Werder Bremen, to me. The club has been very good to me, and I have a contract until 2022, and all that I can about Ajax is to say, it leads to speculation.” (Source: The Telegraph)Transferupdates · yesterday at 12:04 pm

Bayern takes into account the departure time Now, and He
It could just be that we have This Now, and Javi Martinez this season is no longer in action for Bayern Munich (germany). Both of the defenders have a one-year contract with Der Rekordmeister ” and he is sure of a rise. Chairman of the board Karl-Heinz Rummenigge remains in the account, with a start, ” he said yesterday at the launch of the new boy, Leroy Sané. “They’re both in their thirties, and have a life, you are going to think about the long-term future. We’ll have to wait and see if they can reach the end of their contracts and wish to remain so.” (Source: Bayern München) – yesterday at 12:41Transferupdates · yesterday at 11:20Het is not in the least sure whether or not Zlatan Ibrahimovic (38), the end of the season, yet AC Milan will play, but stop to think of the game While, in any case, not yet. It’s clear in the video below. “I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic. And this is only the warm-up.”


I ‘m just warming up


AuteurZlatan IbrahimovićMoment of plaatsen09:38 am – 25 July, 2020Transferupdates · yesterday at 10:55 pm

Angie it is not on a day when Norwich City
Tim Krul is going to be there from next season, the bar is at Norwich City, although the club was relegated from the Premier League. The spain international is said in a conversation with VI , he has no intention of leaving the club that made him, in 2018 the closet. “I haven’t forgotten how I was at this club and I have to mention it. They have given me a chance, and after a couple of very difficult years. It may be that the club would prefer that I go to, for financial reasons, or what have you. Then it’s a different story. But, I will if you don’t make anything of the race.” (Source: Voetbal International)Transferupdates · yesterday at 10:00 am

“United is trying Coman, los days to Play’
The competition is for an attacker Kingsley Coman from Bayern Munich, it was all incredible and, since the arrival of Leroy Sané is the only worse now. You may have a transfer to Manchester United is perfect for the French winger, reports The Ft. According to the media, there have been preliminary discussions have taken place. United will, however, have deep pockets to attack, because the Coman still has a contract until 2023 in the region of Bavaria. (Source: The-Ft)Transferupdates · yesterday at 09:32 am

Real wants to more than 180 million collections by sale, Bale, James, and the Jovic’
It can be a very lucrative summer for Real Madrid, writes for Marca. The Spanish sports reported that ” The Royal is at least eur 180 million on the sale of players. Among others, Gareth Bale, Luka Jovic and James Rodriguez in the world. The transfer time from Achraf Hakimi, to The (40 million), the club would be a nice pocket money will be retrieved. (Source: Marca)Back to top

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