Ronn Moss, who had been in a serious car accident

74fa650e3e53d6072a88e2ffd0248dcb - Ronn Moss, who had been in a serious car accident

Sunday evening was Ronn Moss, who is a guest in the program of Micha Marah on the Instrument. During the programme, the actor says about the accident that he had years ago. Ronn and his wife, on the way to the car. They were involved in a serious car accident. “It hit both my shoulders as my head was severely injured. The accident had such an impact that I no longer was able to work in a Beautiful & Ruthless, but I could not remember it,” says Ronn Moss, who by Micha Marah.
“We have tolden by the car 180 degrees around, and came out on to the lane of the opposite direction to go. And it was symbolic.. as if someone of us want to say, that we have of the direction would have to change. You have to pay attention to the symbolic meaning of the things that have happened to you. These symbols are very important. There are no coincidences, I never have. You have to pay attention to what’s happening in your part of the world it happens,” adds Ronn Moss continued.

It was the accident made him decide to no longer play the role of Ridge Forrester to do so. “I felt like when playing is very good. I realized that I was not able to continue to do so.”
A short time later, the Ridge by a different actor in to replace it.